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I directed and animated this short opener for TV2 Denmark. “Tirsdagsanalysen” is a weekly debate show on TV2 NEWS (Danish 24 hours news channel). (the audio is my reference for the composers) Camera: Casper Steinmetz

Constantinos Kilaris Reel 16

A selection of my favorite work to date. conkilaris.com

Orange DESI – Pikel

La Direction de l’Exploitation du Système d’Information (DESI) sollicite Pikel, pour la réalisation d’une vidéo “carte de visite”. L’objectif : présenter et promouvoir cette entité auprès des collaborateurs internes, oeuvrant chaque jour au bon fonctionnement du système d’information pour Orange et ses millions de clients.

WEX Virtual Payments

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pAT Director /Motion designer Showreel

pAT aka Patrick Stemelen is a french director and motion designer. As motion designer he works mainly in TV branding, and as director he did 2 music videos, both for the NY rapper Zebra Katz and also UK electronic composer Leila (Warp) redirected here.

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Watch Dogs 2.0 | Cinematic

Watch Dogs 2.0 Insane game cinematic by MK12.

Juan Elias Tuchtfeldt ShowReel 2016

Juan Elias Tuchtfeldt reel 2016

Directo al Corazón de los Caleños – Q’hubo

Animación para resaltar todo el proyecto realizado para Q’hubo por parte de Reinvent Publicidad, a cargo del Diseñador Gráfico Gustavo Polanco. Acá el link de todo el proyecto: behance.net/gallery/42288383/Directo-al-corazon-de-los-Calenos-QHUBO

motionpixel reel

motionpixel.nl Maurice van der Bij freelancer I’m happy to make all sorts of illustrations and stories into fluent animations and explained services. and found a lot of joy in this!

Novae – a short about a supernova, made with ink and water.

Novae is a movie about an astronomical event that occurs during the last evolutionary stages of a massive star’s life, whose dramatic and catastrophic death is marked by one final titanic explosion called supernova. By only using an aquarium, ink and water, this film is also an attempt to represent the giant with the small [...]

Hero Motor F.E

Animación para explicar las modificaciones en el nuevo motor de Hero.

Squid Inc Showreel 2016

Selected works, in a moving picture format.

Drone Racing League

Dazzle Ship helped launch the Drone Racing League by designing a broadcast package for their first TV series. Drone racing is a cutting-edge new sport at the forefront of emerging technology. DRL’s insane courses and professional sports media stand to redefine the meaning of sport. From a creative perspective, branding a sport that doesn’t yet [...]


Behance Showcase: behance.net/gallery/30780367/Deathland Creative, Art Direction, Motion & Models: Selim Arı behance.net/selimari Audio: 20syl – Copycat Feat Fashawn soundcloud.com/20syl/copycat-feat-fashawn-instrumental-free-download

Selim ARI Reel 2016

https://www.behance.net/gallery/44350421/Showreel-16 I present you my 2016 reel. I worked in many various production stuff this year. Main focus was Technology. Company: Digital Panorama

Iron Man´s runaway glove

Personal project – Made in Cinema 4d rendered with Arnold, and post work in After Effects. For more behance.net/gallery/44056065/Iron-Mans-runaway-glove

The raven and the snowy owl

Short story based on The raven and the snowy owl visit this page. Realisation: Jeanne Bienvenu, Samuel Fiser, Baptiste Boyer

Admirable Practices

Video made for the I Forum of Admirable Practices of Plena Inclusion.

Mr Robot – Fan Title Sequence

I’ve always wanted to work on title sequences, they set the tone for the rest of the film and/or episode and they can really captivate audiences and get them excited before the ‘main event’. Usually my work consists of short promos or small animations and I wanted to try my hand at a title sequence, [...]

MID – FollowSurg App

Follow Surg is the latest application from MID, a french group which is focused on innovation for surgery. To promote the app and introduce all its features to patients, we imagined this commercial spot using motion design. In this animation, we meet Lisa, a young woman who wants, after many failed diet, to do surgery [...]

Building Better Videos Together

We made a short animation to share with our clients in order to help them (and us) create great videos and tell better stories. Credits: Collective Next Creative Director: Erin King Script: Erin King, Brett Saiia, Evan Wondolowski Art Direction: Brett Saiia, Evan Wondolowski Animation: Brett Saiia, Evan Wondolowski Design: Greg Melo, Brett Saiia, Evan [...]

What does an Ad Agency do?

This explainer video, made by Rocket, takes you on a journey through the inner workings of an Advertising Agency.

AE visualization. Shades “Cryptic”.

Visualization for track “Cryptic” by Shades browse around these guys.

Video Creation Made Easy

Advids team creates the complete video for you including script, Voice over & animation. World class video content production service trusted by 1000+ clients globally. We make video creation easy & effortless for our clients. Advids has expertise and resources to create videos in all major industries.

Indonesian Box Office Movie Awards 2016

Indonesian Box Office Movie Awards 2016 • Broadcast Package #IBOMA2016 Client: SCTV Production: IEP Art Director: Panji Krishna Motion Designer: Panji Krishna 3D Artist: Ivandra Illustrator: Fajar harianto Graphic Designer: Randi Irawan Sound Designer: Dimas detail in behance.net/gallery/36595683/Indonesian-Box-Office-Movie-Awards-2016 © IEP 2016


viscode/ motion artist: panji krishna music: SLATE – Metaphysical Nights /SenSe V.A 04 One of selected video for DOTMOV Fest 2015 – Shift • Japan


Cloudride produces innovative e-liquids. A first in its class with flavours created by a James Beard Award-winning chef, and tested by scientists to ensure a fun and safe product. This light-hearted piece accurately reflects Cloudride’s brand, and focuses on our character making the choice for a better experience. We were very passionate about creating dynamic [...]

Windset Farms

Windset Farms uses sustainable initiatives and environmental measures to deliver healthy, premium produce to their consumers. We were tasked with telling their impactful story. Along with beautifully crafted illustrations, we created elegant transitions from natural scenarios to urban settings, and from lush forests to Windset Farms, while showcasing their impressive infrastructure along the way. As [...]

Show Reel MADMD

Our mission is to create projects for branding and advertising channels, finding the most effective way to communicate your brand. We are a design and animation studio, based in La Plata where we do our work around the world. We combine a wide variety of disciplines and we quickly adapt to technological changes that suggest [...]

Battle of the Rieltors

Somewhere in the forgotten outskirts, in the bedroom communities of the megalopolis, a cosmic evil has awoken – Slummon, the Lord of Dripping Faucets. Only the world’s best Realtor dare to battle him. This Battle of the Realtors is a TV show about the housing market. We’ve decided to take the show’s concept literally and [...]

Tarik Khabouiz – Show Reel 2016

A collection of work and personal projects of 2016. ——- Tarik Khabouiz Motion Designer / 3D Generalist / Art Direction Skills: Cinema 4D – After Effects – Realflow – 3DS Max – Zbrush —– Available for freelance khabouiz@gmail.com —- Music : Yann Tiersen – Comptine d`un autre ete – l`apres-midi (JBSProduction714 Remix ) ( Edit [...]

Demo-Reel 2016 | Pierre-Guilhem Roudet

Pierre-Guilhem Roudet Motion designer and art director living in Montreal amoxicillin tablets 250mg. I’ve been working for clients as Ubisoft,Cirque du Soleil, JayZ, Tiesto, IBM, and many others, in Montreal, New York, Toronto, Paris and Madrid. Design+Animation| C4d+After effects pigsmustfly.com pinterest.com/pgrdt twitter.com/PGmotion pierre.guilhem@gmail.com

UP – Reel 2016

UP is a motion graphics company focused on design and art direction. It was founded in 2014, and is led by Igor Martins with the proposal to be a network of talented international artists working remotely for clients around the world. We work online and we are always connected, the leadership is located in Brazil, [...]

L2D Showreel

2016 Showreel for interactive and web firm: Level2d

PG Roudet releases his new demo in a video dip in 80’s sauce.

PG Roudet show you his latest projects in a video dip in 80’s sauce. In his dynamic video in the Pixar way coated with 80’s sauce , PG show us the diversity of his latest projects, combining C4D and After Effects, on a retro-wave music, as usual, especially composed for it. In this short format [...]


Directed by Dittongraph for Vincil from Ummo. “Saint Louis” taken from “Betty drums” album. Contacts / Collaborations : MUSIC myspace.com/vincilfromummo MOTION DESIGNER dittongraph.com GRAPHICS ALBUM BETTY DRUM supakitch.com

Studio Dittongraph – Showreel

Creative Digital Studio > dittongraph.com Music by > Siriusmo

Compositing Reel

Compositing Demo Reel By Bhaskar Udupa Softwares Used After Effects Nuke Photoshop Mocha

Wecube Showreel

Our latest showreel with some work we’ve done with our young agency, we are just starting!

OFFF CDMX Main Titles 2016

Hi guys, hope you are all fine! We wanted to share our latest project with you, the OFFF CDMX Main Titles 2016: It is directed and produced by MATERIA, an interdisciplinary collective, founded by Susi Sie and Remo Gambacciani. The Main Titles for OFFF CDMX 2016 were produced by combining analog and digital techniques; blurring [...]

Child’s Play / CG Short Film

Nothing has value unless we grant it, and value does not mean anything unless we give it a meaning. I just wanted you to see through my eyes. I want to thank everybody who has been with me throughout this journey and letting me share my vision with you. www.childsplay.film Directed & Created by Murat [...]

Hyundai – RN30

4K Launch film for Hyundai RN30

John Clone | Thesis Film By Allen Isard

John Clone is a science-fiction motion graphic short. The films revolves around a super clone named John Clone produced by Sagan Corporation. John Clone. Copyright John Clone. Sheridan Animation 2016. Graduating Thesis Film by Allen Isard. All rights reserved.

Bicycle Evolution

the history of bicycle Design & Animation : Guy Trefler Sound Mix : Rotem Moav


Human being has not been extinguished. He is now isolated because of his untamed curiosity. Planet earth retains just a few glimpses of human presence. The rest is there, floating. The crews observe the celestial bodies and take a debate on if to continue or try to do base on any of those moons. The [...]

Aydın Karabudak Showreel

Aydin Karabudak Showreel


Experimental loop, using repeater and trim paths check this.

Wuha – Valorize your web searches

WUHA is a new Google plugin which allows employees to share and benefit from all the company’s history of search results. It’s a new way to increase and optimize firm’s productivity creating a common intellectual heritage. To launch the plugin, we proposed a commercial video presenting its most important aspects and benefits. In the spot, [...]

Tarik Khabouiz – ShowReel 2016

A collection of work and personal projects of 2016. ——- Tarik Khabouiz Motion Designer / 3D Generalist / Art Direction Skills: Cinema 4D – After Effects – Realflow – 3DS Max – Zbrush —– Available for freelance khabouiz@gmail.com —- Music : Yann Tiersen – Comptine d`un autre ete – l`apres-midi (JBSProduction714 Remix ) ( Edit [...]

Infinity Main Titles

Did this main title just for experimental purposes. Art Direction: Alan Geoy Music by: Vivaldi, Summer Finale from “The Four Seasons” Music Editor: Joy Heng Model and animated in Cinema4d.

NODE Fest Student Ident

(Watch in HD) If you dig it I’d really appreciate your vote! woobox.com/5rycma/gallery/AliDri-__hE Having finished college a week before the original deadline, I only had 6 days to put something together. This is what I came up with. “Staying true to the concept of the node, this piece visualises the process of a node receiving [...]

Damien Boudot Showreel 2016

Hello i’m a motion designer and this is my 2016 demo reel. Hope you’ll like it. damienboudot.com

Geometric Pixel Experiment

Experiment with the plug in “Saber” from Video Copilot


It was a pleasure for us to be asked by Reeperbahn Festival to create the concept, design, art direction and animation for their 2016 opening title sequence. There are more than 700 events in over 70 locations in just 4 days. So we wanted our concept to reflect the great variety of the festival through [...]