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  1. Jonathon Steim

    very good movement! really nailed the life like moves. kudos

  2. Eva

    This is amazing. I wish I could do this

  3. Prabowo

    wah keren abiz…………

  4. very good! The music complete the animation

  5. Nope.

    Amazing how something so simple can still bring a tear to your eye. Brilliant.

  6. A Friend

    beautiful…undescribable. thank you.

  7. Saabaum

    Im sorry the animation was great but what was the story about? if the guy missed her so much why did he leave at the end?

    • I think there’s 2 explanations:
      Either it was actually the girl who missed him, and he was just imagination.
      Or they were separated for some reason, and are both missing each other.

      No matter what, I loved it.

  8. Leafylimer

    the guy is obviously imagining the girl and being obsessive with wanting her, and then once he has he she is not everything that he imagined. he had idolized her and she couldnt live up to those standards

    • guest01

      your interpretation isnt the only

    • Reynhiskey

      You cannot use the word “obviously” when commenting on art. It may be quite apparent to you that one thing is happening, but the one of the many facets of art is that it rarely needs to have a set meaning. The artist creates with intention and passion and purpose, without being the artist one cannot actually understand what the art truly means to the artist. A work of art has had life breathed into it and because of this is able to interact differently with each thing it comes into contact with.

  9. Sam

    Ohh.. So beautiful. I can watch it again and again.

  10. Brandi

    Amazing. I’m speechless and so very impressed. :D Such depth of feeling and intensity of emotion, without literal dialogue is incredible. :D

  11. Bonni3


  12. Dreamer

    Anybody know where I can download this so I can set it as my Dreamscene wallpaper?

  13. Ferdyoverlord

    I like, I really really like,

  14. swhitey

    that was amazing. i didn’t want it to end.

  15. Jlc1974

    I would say she might of died and he missed her. As shes white and turns into a angel.

  16. anonymous

    very impressive. the motions are so realistic and you can really feel the emotion.

  17. Bmkxx04

    simply amazing.

  18. Jams

    i want this song so i can sing it to my gf :)

    • Sagi7_7

      It’s called “World Spins Madly On” by the Weepies :)

    • eolvem

      Just wondering- is that like, ALL of what you took from the video?

  19. TheSame

    I just cried. That was beautiful. I only understood at the end that they could never truly be together because they were in completely different worlds, either physical or mentally. Absolutely stunning.

  20. Sillylega

    He gave her his heart. I had to watch it twice to understand, he was giving his life to her so she could be real, and then he becomes her dream. She gains shadow and depth while he loses his definition and becomes a group of lines as she once was. Extremely creative

    • Anonymous

      Good catch. If you notice, he also looses his shadow at the end.

    • Guest

      It’s like, he put all of himself into her, she was defined and became whole through his energy, but he was depleted and hollow by the end of it. Really a moving piece. Just beautiful.

    • Lyndsie

      Beautiful! I didn’t even think of that

    • Antoniadollyfraser

      I can relate to this myself I adore my friend so much I gave him my heart yet he just wants to be my friend .. so its just in my dreams that were in love

    • Azcatsfan101

      my interpretation was somewhat similar, i felt like she was playing with him for a long time, and he continued to chase her as she danced around him and slipped through his fingers. When she finally decided to take him seriously, he realized her for who she was and decided to let go of her.

    • Mileschristensen257

      I viewed it as a relationship after a break up from 2 perspectives
      the first being the male, showing the passion he had and the inability to catch or contain the love he once had
      This is operating under the assumption that the translucent female is an image that he has put together and an idealistic view of the woman he loves, rather than the truth of how she trull was.
      The second is when the female becomes real and the male becomes translucent. It then shows that these two characters are going through very similar emotions of loss and love for one another, but the end result is the inevitable, heartbreak.

      Absolutely fantastic
      teared up

  21. speechless….

  22. Tymyshoe

    my interpretation was that… he perused her for a long time. wanting her to notice him and he loved her for what he thought she was from a distance. but once she finally had noticed him and started loving him back, it was too late and he had given up.. rather tragic story.. in my opinion… most likely because i recently went through the same thing…

    • quinn

      i thought something similar but i took it as he passed away at the end

    • Azcatsfan101

      my interpretation was very similar, i felt like she was playing with him for a long time, and he continued to chase her as she danced around him and slipped through his fingers. When she finally decided to take him seriously, he realized her for who she was and decided to let go of her.

  23. I understand.

  24. Melayahm

    Beautiful! So simple and elegant. Was it mocapped or rotoscoped? If neither, then, the animation is even more impressive

  25. Kyp

    Absolutely gorgeous. I’m brought to tears. I am so touched by this piece.

  26. Gyl

    whoever did this sure knows a thing or two about contemporary dance technique..incredible, bravo!

  27. Evie

    For anyone who’s been in love the way I feel that man is in love – this really hits home. The artist really captured what it feels like to give it all, every drop of your essence into another soul. To love at a distance, to love someone who is too independent or stubborn…I think this artist captured the true essence of an unrequited love.

    Also as an aside – though no less romantic – you could also read it from an artistic perspective. Artists put their whole selves into their most brilliant works, put every bit of themselves they can find – struggle and fight with it and in the end, when it’s all finished ~ you have to leave it. Let it go out into the world for it’s no longer just yours.

    • Sir

      well put

    • Thomas Scholten

      that’s a pretty good description and I think anyone who has truly loved only to have to walk away from the sheer pain will understand this clip.

      I also like your artistic viewpoint, it’s well thought of.

  28. Bob Reed

    Just a love story… :)

  29. Bob Reed

    Just a love story… :)

  30. Guest

    This was beautiful.

  31. Moringadesigns

    So im pretty much in love with this….

  32. kirk

    the girls not even that hot

    • Mouse

      she has no face! how can she b anything?

      • Elizabeth-brownlie

        Rather she could be anyone…

    • bman

      You’re right, she should have been rail thin with gargantuan breasts and crawled around in the nude and booty danced instead. Yes, if she was hot then maybe, in the end, the guy would’ve stayed with her…..

      Or maybe you’re a pig. Yea, that sounds much better.

      • Shloopa

        Why so serious? Give the guy a break!

        • Frito

          There’s no reason to not be serious. It’s ridiculous how people stereotype looks.

          • Tappan

            Um… irony, anyone? It’s kinda funny that he comments on the attractiveness of a vague, faceless sketch, right? … Anyone? Bueller?

          • Azcatsfan101

            agreed. some people are taking offense to others’ sarcasm. I don’t believe people are trying to offend others, just having a little fun on the comments. I personally loved this video, but was also able to laugh at people’s sarcasm. 

      • Darkdaysareover

        I love you, man. 

        • Thomas Scholten

          I second that in a ‘no-home’ way

    • Mommyssweetpea

      it does not matter if she is or not >:( its people like you who mess beautiful things like this up.

  33. Anonymous

    Its happening to me right now. I’ve pursued someone for years, even asking for her heart on a number of occasions but she’s given it to someone else each time… only for them to break it. I’d wait forever for this girl if there was a snowballs chance in hell she’d give me a chance… but once I decide to ask another for her heart… she’ll not know what she had until it was gone. :(

  34. Royale lyons

    That was absolutely beautiful

  35. Defiler_of_the_sacred_ones

    I would like to learn this song, are there tabs somewhere?

    • Hdneel

      its called world spins madly on by the weepies

  36. Caitcrab

    I know that there aren’t faces on these people, but you can just feel the love the man has for the woman. Just the way he dances with her and holds her. It is so beautiful and moving. I love this.

  37. Koyambi


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  39. no body

    The way I saw it, it was a relationship that had already ended. Missed connections, inopportune moments, miscommunication. They were existing on different planes, both elusive to each other. He never realized that she was missing him as badly as he missed her and visa versa.

    • KThEin

      Think you are approaching this subject an alright matter. Not that it already ended–as it continues like a circular pendulum,,,and may come back around to those that need em

    • turtles

      That made my heart melt. My ex broke up with me and that’s how I feel. 

    • L_I_F_E_S_V_O_Y_A_G_E_R

      I wonder if she had died.

  40. Hdneel

    its tooooo good to end like that!

  41. Twisted Redneck

    It is Art. The art of Love. The Art of Dance. The Art creating an image. In this case it is a moving image. The Artist creates what they see and tries to tell a story. Be it a painting, music, poem or even this, a film. In the end, each person that gazes upon the masterpiece or listens to the music comes away with a different view. You may see something one way that another will interpret in another. Based on life experiences, we all see the world in our own light. To this Artist, we appreciate the beautiful display you have graced us with. We may never know what inspired this piece or what it’s ultimate meaning is but we thank you for allowing us the chance to view ourselves in it.

  42. Cocojo1990

    this is the most sweet an exciting video that i have ever seen. Its amzing got me tears

  43. ThisKidLivi

    To me, he gave everything to her and she never noticed. She was his dream girl. Finally she realized and it was too late. She became real and he became the dream.

  44. K'LAK

    Love it.

  45. scott

    i need to know what this song is :o everything about this was beautiful and i need this song

  46. Spamjunkie10

    if you notice, while he slowly loses definition, she gains it. idk what this means, but it’s pretty.

  47. Rpcrazy18

    This could be about the girl or guy…and i believe it’s about several relationships, not one. If the title, song, and ending having anything to do with each other, this narrative is about the girl and her sadness…

    can’t write it out but basically the guy had a couple bad relationships where he was all there and she wasn’t(maybe just that he was in love but they really weren’t), he met her and they went back and forth…she gave him wings, then pull her back down(could mean alot of things), after her comforting and supporting him he left for a reason i can’t understand, but it seems as he fell out of it. I believe this piece infers the definition of what it is to be filled in or sketched but i’m not sure because i’m not an artist.

  48. Anonymous

    Thanks. I needed to cry today … I didn’t need to cry quite THIS much though

  49. Chris Torres

    wow…its the little projects like this that make you realize there is still beauty in the world. I cannot describe how much I loved this.
    I didn’t even want to see this, I just found it on stumble-upon. God am I glad that I did.

    • DarthVadem

      love stumbleupon!

  50. beautiful, ethereal… perfect.

  51. 123jadaj

    You’re advertisements on the left don’t give you the option of closing them so I can only see about 75%of the video. Dumbest webpage setup I’ve ever seen, if you’re going to post a video don’t cover it with advertisements.

  52. Mason

    This is an incredible piece of art, one that captures so well the emotions associated with love: Hope that elates, despair that consumes, and effort that shapes a character, an ability to trust, and the future of any human being. In my view, the man is in love with a woman that is a friend, or has little interest at first, but with every advance, every move in harmony with hers, she finds more shape, awakens, and begins to take form as her feelings develop. By the time she realizes that she is as in love with him as he herr, the man is so broken by his pursuit that there is nothing left inside of him to continue to love her. Love lost. Heartbreak.

  53. Moi

    Hmm, this is how i see it, there are two people who are interested in being with each other. At first she was all the guy could think about, he tried again and again to get close to her, but she kept on playing “hard to get”. When finally at the end she becomes solid and shaded in (symbolizing that she is ready to start a relationship with him) he is still nothing but a sketch, as if to say that he isn’t ready.They are star crossed lovers. Very ironic in a beautiful way

  54. DanniiGrl03

    In my opinion its like she represents something he wants and tries desperately to obtain and no matter how hard he tries, he can never get a hold of it….and then finally in the end he manages to capture it (the thing he desires) and its like he doesnt want it anymore now that he can have it…..he put so much of his life trying to get this and now that he has it, his entire struggle comes to play and it has lost its appeal…pretty powerful tho!

  55. Bighapp

    My God! that was Beautiful♥

  56. Rin

    Very good, the meaning was subtle but there and the animation was beautiful, smooth, and elegant.

  57. Mpeterson

    Beautiful, romantic, inspirational, naive and relevant :)

  58. Squeek

    This is exactly what is happening in my life right now. This is gorgeous, but I broke down when I saw it.

  59. Sampollak1

    I believe that the two were separate figments of imagination looking for the same thing, but were worlds apart (symbolised by the solid/light shading at different times) all they want is each other to love but in the end its just a dream.

  60. Anonymous

    She is the girl of his dreams, but she doesn’t want him. Every time he tries to make a move, he thinks things are going well, when suddenly she slips away from his grip. Suddenly, the girl decides that she wants him and becomes tangible–he can finally have her. The guy grows a pair, gains some self-respect, and walks away. He’s done chasing after her on her terms.

    • Guest

      Ha thats exactly what I did

  61. Beautiful! Thank you for that! :)

  62. sequester

    So tragic. I really love how the girl was slowly becoming more and more tangible as the dance progressed (from air, to water, to a bird, and then at last to a human) as he threw more and more of himself into her, only to have himself disappear at the end. 

    • Anonymous

      But still remains as things that are not easily caught. 

  63. smokeyprincess

    Really beautiful….and seems that it can be taken many different ways.  I see it as he guy loves the girl and wants the girl but cant quite get a hold on her.  Shes either unavailable of doesnt feel as strongly.  Then eventually the guy moves on….only at that time the girl starts having real feelings and is left feeling the way he did.  Seems to me to be the old story of you never know what you have till its gone. 

  64. Johnn

     I’m in love with this.

  65. SUPER AWESOME. :”> ♥

  66. anonynon

    Ryan Woodward came to speak at my college about a month ago. He showed us this animation and said there is no definite meaning behind this animation. He said, he could say what it means to him, but then that would forever define the animation as his definition. He doesn’t want that. So this can be whatever you want it to be. 

    • Very True! That is also how we live!  Undefined people yet defined in our own views/ways of the world! This animation moved me, inspired me and reading some of the comments left. did change the way I thought about this very talented art! I agree the Ryan Woodward! I think that this animation was very…..   

  67. Cheyennefoster

     is was beautiful and sad. it brought back a lot of pain from a past relationship. i feel for the girl, she loves him but she cant have him.   

  68. Isabel Juvan

    wow…. this was so beautiful and moving I started crying…
    truly an amazing piece

  69. Ardinoa1

    I want to see real dancers recreate this. It is so very beautiful.

  70. this is really amazing

  71. Coloour

    OMG that is very beautiful :) Keep up the good work!

  72. Fkjewelry

    And I see the ultimate love shared, two that had merged so completely into one… but as the words unfolded I felt that despite his very best to give and protect her, she was somehow taken from him, in death. He misses her so deeply that he dances with her soul, trying to embrace her spirit and she him.  They feel each other so completely but cannot fully embrace tangibly. The wings, and feathers… I felt her as an angel, but she couldn’t stay and again, she dissolves, a whisper that fades away. His love so deep, so strong he is almost able to restore her with his life force and very soul at the end, and gives his very life trying…

  73. Guest

    And I see the ultimate love shared, two that had merged so completely into one… but as the words unfolded I felt that despite his very best to give and protect her, she was somehow taken from him, in death. He misses her so deeply that he dances with her soul, trying to embrace her spirit and she him.  They feel each other so completely but cannot fully embrace tangibly. The wings, and feathers… I felt her as an angel, but she couldn’t stay and again, she dissolves, a whisper that fades away. His love so deep, so strong he is almost able to restore her with his life force and very soul at the end, and gives his very life trying…

  74. Me

    This was absolutely beautiful. Watched it a few times. Everything about it was so artfully and thoughtfully done. The choreography told such a strong story and really worked with the music. Thank you for this.

  75. wow


  76. just like you

    the whole video it makes it seem like she was his dream but he was just as much hers notice how shes darker and even more real in the final scene even if im wrong this is beautiful and the creators should be proud and i how their dancer finds them

  77. Sansapple

    I cannot even begin to describe how badly this made me miss my boyfriend.

  78. Baseballcry

    It starts off as a past relationship. Then goes into thoughts of moments in the relationship… he wanted to change everything for her… she faded in and out of his life and when she was finally fully there with him… he threw it away.

  79. Guest

    It is a past relationship… she was there for support as he improved himself but he slipped up along the way… it caused her to slip away from him… he let her down.

  80. HappyHaley2u

    I LOVE THE WEEPIES!!!! <3 I love this song too! Ahh!
    Before I even read anything or played the vid, just seeing "thought of you" made me hum it and i had no clue it was the song (: and this was a good vid!! <3

  81. Guest

    Its really great to see everybody coming up with what they think it means… atleast some people are relating to it. And that is what I think the video is intended for… to make you feel that there is a reason for it… as if it were created for your situation… even though this video could be seen in all different points of view… to mean many things and just one

  82. Otter Girl

    Absolutely beautiful. Thank you!

  83. It’s a beautiful piece…both from an artistic sense and from the story-telling aspect. To me, it was like a dream of his perfect love that at one point becomes so real he could hold it, but then he doesn’t believe it when his dream comes true. In doubting his heart, he lost what could have been something amazing. Really a poignant bit of animation.

  84. beautiful stuff

  85. momokitsune

    The relationship of a man who loved a woman so much he defined her but had nothing left to give for himself. Beautiful. 

  86. just wow

  87. Tashi


  88. Kasmart98

    I think we all get different perceptions, based on opinions and past experiances. This short film is out there for everyone to sympathize with. This reminds me of some one I loved but who never loved me back, then when I gave up on them they ended up loving me when it was too late. Great film.

  89. Piguandi

    that gave me goose bumps…its beautiful but so heartbreaking…I mean I broke with my boyfriend a while back but he is still my closest friend. But sometimes i miss the days when he and I were an item. He belonging to me and me belonging to him and him alone. This just reminded me of that…It’s so beautiful but it ends in a tragedy…

  90. guest

    Explains what life is like to break up or lose a loved one during your lifetime. My heart it touched by this 2-d animation. Never thought that i would feel so deep for a cartoon. Words can’t explain how a feel after watching this video. Just remember life goes on and on.

  91. I wish there was a “Love” button.

  92. Mgyftos

    this is super interesting – how did you do it?  Like did you video movement beforehand?

  93. Stooge

    When I first watched it, at the end I thought something was wrong with the guy just before he left her. He didn’t seem whole/complete, and then I realized, he tried so hard to get her to stay with him that by the time she was ready, he was worn out and tired and couldn’t keep up with her anymore.

    I know what that feels like. I’ve been in a relationship like that where the girl keeps giving you signals to chase after her, but by the time you catch up she runs away again.  By the time I caught up with her, and she was ready to be with me, I just couldn’t trust that she would.

  94. a fan.

    this is one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen. 

  95. Anonymous

    This animation is so beautiful. We watched it in my animation class. Just stunning, the anatomy is perfect and the motion is flawless. I just love it.

    • Sorensen

      Because it’s rotoscoped. Investigate the technique.

  96. Libby Starr

    -first time i watched it: it ended with my jaw open… the movements are amazing.. i was thinking that there had to be human dancers on video for reference for this..
    - second time i watched it: i cried… i can relate to this video… as well as i also dance jazz as well and i found my brain pointing out.. ” double stag” and the types of turns the girl was using
    - third time i watched it: i took in all the movements and started praising the animators that made this, since i just got out of a animation class
    - fourth time i watched it: still amazed.

  97. The Limerant

    I expected her to lie down and begin as he did…the pattern continuing on.

  98. Libby Starr

    first time i watched it:  it ended with my jaw on my chest
    second time i watched it: i cried. i can relate to this…
    third time i watched it: since i dance jazz, i began to point out “double stag” and the types of turns used
    fourth time i watched it: i was still amazed.

  99. Rainylullaby17

    Simply and stunningly beautiful! Well done!

  100. ferdy

    Soooo beautiful… a lot of different interpretations, but very sad and emotional no matter how you saw it.

  101. This is beautiful. Not only is the animation fluid and well done, but the emotion is palpable. Terrific.

  102. Devataa

    beautiful. my ex broke up with me, a hard miserable break up. that’s how I feel. 

  103. Dandeliongum


  104. Riah

    anyone know what song this is???

    • Riah

      nevermind. I’m stupid.

  105. Meganthibodeaux


  106. knust

    Beautiful. I’ve never been moved by dance before, but it was much more than that.

  107. Mike

    I wept of sheer delight that something in this life still is a sight of beauty

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  109. Lyndsie

    That was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!! I can’t stop crying!!

  110. florence_gh

    So beautiful and graceful! you truly have a gifted hand!

  111. Anonymous

    Damn onion factory next door…

  112. wow. just wow!

  113. Klm078910

    This gave me goose bumps!! it was very good!

  114. Hammudih

    i thought it was like he wanted her so bad but when he finally got her he no longer wanted her

  115. no one

    everyone is gonna have their own perspective so all i’m gonna say is wow…

  116. Better without sound

  117. Beautiful Piece

  118. Mariano

    It is GREAT!
    What’s the name of the song??

    • World Spins Madly On – The Weepies

      • Mariano

        Thanks man!

  119. G Calgaro94

    Why doesn’t the song work anymore? :(

  120. Ellaayyy

    Anyone else notice how she starts as vapor? Unattainable vapor.  Then water; slightly more touchable but still not quiet there. Then, finally, solid.

  121. Gill_mallett

    Whats the song?

  122. Wow, amazing animation.  Really cool.  I love the symbolism and the choreography, it goes perfectly with the music.  +10

  123. I took it as them both thinking of eachother. It switches perspectives at the end. Her thinking of him, while he was thinking of her. But neither of them can see each other.
    It can be taken so many different ways though. And each of them beautiful.

  124. guest

    Beautiful. This almost made me cry. lol.

  125. That was beautiful.

  126. Guest - who touched by

    Awesome man! What a graphics.  What can be an imaginations … She was dancing, moving like as he wanted in his dream but at last when she came in reality he left her crying…………..

  127. Guest

    i wish this didn’t hit so close to home. beautiful video.

  128. Rachael

    That was beautiful, the sense of motion was incredible!  Well done =]

  129. nice combination of animation, dance, and music. I really enjoyed it!

  130. Albena Kervanbashieva

    Oh! Beautiful!


  131. Bhanumathi23

    Myself an Indian Classical Dancer…this was simply amazing. Thank You for sharing.

  132. i found this because of stumbleupon, and i find it amazing because i’ve only just gotten into the weepies a month of so ago. If you guys didn’t know the song it’s called, “World spins madly on” by the weepies.

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  134. its just perfect :D

  135. LexE

    absolutely beautiful

  136. This is the most touching thing I’ve seen in weeks.  This is beautiful.  The song coupled with the animations tell a story that really touched my heart.  I thought I left a comment when I saw this the frist time but I didn’t…and every time I watch this it never fails to send chills through my body.  Truly Stunning. 

  137. sevenspaces

    I, a man, sincerely cried at the beauty of this video.  Granted, I am a little bit high.. but this video is beautiful and full of love.  I wish more things in the world were like this.

    • Anonymous

       Same story, bro.

    • Dave

      Same story, bro.

    • Inmyhead

      Not high, but this is beautiful and it made me cry as well.

    • i did the same shit last night then i put it on my gfs wall

  138. Anonymous

  139. Kenzie

    So beautiful.

  140. Noneekieno

    this is the stupidest. what a homo. dancing by himself. pfft.

    • Richyt92

      grow up, if you didnt like it from the start then dont watch and dont put bad comments on an extraodrinarily good piece of work

    • Richyt92

      grow up, if you didnt like it from the start then dont watch and dont put bad comments on an extraodrinarily good piece of work

    • Ninjadude666

      your the stupidest for using a nonexistent word like stupidest.

    • sk

      lol i figure you are blind he wasn’t dancing by himself and he cant be a homo because its just a drawing dumb ass lol

    • Hater !

    • 191389

      My god your ignorance pours.

  141. Jakecool33

    that was beautiful

  142. me

    wow…i love it ur passion is so emotional i love it ur so amazing

  143. Nagarajtg5

    i need this what to do

  144. Ashleymarko

    This was extremely beautiful and creative. 

  145. Acaciantha

    I saw it was sort of a dream within a dream (Inception, I know right?) But I viewed it as his wanting her was as though she was once his, like a longing, almost as if she was dead. Then in the end it seemed to me that she had just dreamed that she was dead so that she could see how much he loved her again, like they may have been in the past, when in reality, he’s the one that is gone.

  146. Out of this world. Just fantastic


  148. Torisjaimes_1

    That was amazingly beautiful!!! Absolutely smashing!!!!

  149. TwinClocks

    That was one of the most beautiful videos I have ever seen. I cannot stop watching it

  150. IImaige

    Can anyone tell me what song that is?? Its beautiful.

  151. Raiin

    I see it as they were in love but he was the one who passed away and as he watches her living her life they both miss each other tremendously and they both know their watching each other but, alas, she is alone in the end.

  152. Lnickelly

    as he commits more and more of himself to this girl hes in love with, she continues to bleed him of who he is, his shading and texture, until hes nothing but lines, in the end i feel he saves her from death with the grabbing her as shes flying away part, but then at the very end he looks into her eyes and realizes that he must move past this 

  153. M Falal

    Is this Manual or computer or both

  154. Tarabarnes4

  155. Guest

    This was beautiful. 


    This video would be 100x better if it had a GODDAM TIME BAR.

  157. Kewku08

    This was absolutely beautiful!  It brought about so many emotions as I watched :)  Thank you for sharing this work and know that it is appreciated!

  158. Arm Dancer

    Amazing and inspiring :)

  159. It’s so beautiful, it shows how we all feel at one point or another. We pray and dream for that special someone so hard that at times it hurts.

  160. Safetypin13

    the creator should make battle scenes

  161. From a guy

    I feel like I’ve been in this exact situation. Where you open your self up to someone, and you feel for a brief fleeting moment that they are returning the feeling, only to realize that they are indecisive and essentially, not exactly purposefully, toying with your heart. And In the end, just like in this wonderful video, if they decide to try to come back, you have nothing left to offer as you are completely emotionally depleted. Definitely one of the better stumbles of mine!

  162. Rhbubblishis

    this is so beautiful.  As a dancer, you captured technique and movement perfectly, and through the art of animation you were able to incorporate so many other eliments to the piece.  love love love.

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  167. Jerrold

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  168. Emiria

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  169. Emiria

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    • Emiria

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    • Emiria

      If The*

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  171. My perception of this beautiful piece was that the man was thinking of his girlfriend possibly a relationship that ended, and he dreams of her like they used to be, but when she finally starts to care. The man moves on (hence the song name) tired of chasing her, and then she starts to dream of him.Very creative, and very moving.

  172. King

    I have found myself physically incapable of crying at anything emotional in years.  This is the closest I have ever come, and I doubt will again.

  173. King

    I have found myself physically incapable of crying at anything emotional in years.  This is the closest I have ever come, and I doubt will again.

  174. I’m surprised so many of you see this as her toying with him, or him putting so much of himself into the relationship that he loses his identity.  Granted, I am a hopeless romantic, but that’s not how I see it at all.  To me the video is about two people who are desperately in love, but who can’t be together due to their circumstances…or who keep missing  each other.  So, so beautiful.

  175. Dixie Normaus

    if this had my story intertwined with it i would have had it defined at the end with the girl walking. and in bold caps. “THE TRUE STORY” . Granted im a little high as well i still believe this was an utter masterpiece.

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    how do that?

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  178. Loved it!

  179. Roshsdisch

    interesting.  I lost my sister a few years ago and I saw it more like yearning for that person you loved so much.  For me it was not about romantic love, but more that deep, ingrained love you have for family.  The loss of a young life and the pain it can bring those still living.  I saw her as the angel that had died and hima s the person left behind.

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  181. guets

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  183. Le


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    Male or female you cannot deny the absolute lyrical beauty this piece
    has.  I write this as tears slip from my eyes (not high either!)

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  202. Well done guys. Cracking video! :)

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  209. Thought of You, by The Weepies

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    This is the video I stumbled upon to find this cool site :D

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  218. taylor

    this was incredible- it renders the viewer speechless as they cant help but reenact a lost love or a longing desire that they once held for someone else. personally, i saw the story from the side of the young woman. she thinks of him in the morning as he wakes, like he is slowling becoming concious of the day ahead of him. she continues to dance and elude his grasp, as if shes on the cusp of his thoughts while he is completely solid in hers. its like a story of her remembering everything that was good with them- how balanced and fluid they were as partners. yet at the end she is reminded that not every dance- or love- is meant to last forever. brought a tear to my eye. absolutely brilliant, loved the music, movements, characters, everything about this.

  219. Dustin Cosby

    Another possible interpretation is: The dance represents their life… Starting first with the perspective from the man, dreaming about his ideal woman. As they dance together, they date and eventually marry. Then the perspective changes to the woman’s, at the loss of her husband (to death maybe?). This interpretation would mean that the span of the “dance” could be from 14 years old to 90… a lifetime.

  220. Julia Ortiz

    I think he left at the end because he was always getting hurt and left before he got hurt again and hurt her in return

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