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Toros Köse Showreel 2013


Work done at Superfad NY.
Work done at SEHSUCHT Hamburg.
Work done at Tronic Studio NY.
Personal projects.

Projects in order of appearance:
Intro – everything (sounds courtesy of freesound.org).
‘Twig Boy’ – everything vimeo.com/58555035
‘RESONANCE: Evanescant’ – animation, compositing vimeo.com/25243496
AUDI Vorsprung durch Technik – styleframes, design, 2D animation vimeo.com/31838027
‘The Owl’ personal project – everything vimeo.com/36733059
‘Insekt’ personal project – everything vimeo.com/47545203
‘Steadfast’ – styleframes, design, modeling, animation vimeo.com/32516502
‘Comcast Business Class’ – styleframes, design, modeling, animation, compositing
‘Long For This World’ (documentary in production) – styleframes, design, animation.
Personal project/collaboration with Thomas Kjellberg and Niklas Olsson – Actor, compositing, post production.
‘Kinect. Dance.’ – R&D, animation vimeo.com/51923052

I want to thank all the people I worked together with on the projects in this reel, as well as projects outside of it. I have been truly lucky to be able to work with friendly and talented people that have taught me tons. You know who you are and I hope to work with you again!

Thank you for watching!