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Human being has not been extinguished. He is now isolated because of his untamed curiosity. Planet earth retains just a few glimpses of human presence. The rest is there, floating. The crews observe the celestial bodies and take a debate on if to continue or try to do base on any of those moons. The [...]
This promo for Los Angeles based EDM artist Stevie G depicts an abstract journey through the evolution of the universe. From the Big Bang via the origin of life to the modern day. This track features a vocal sample from the American astrophysicist, cosmologist and author Neil deGrasse Tyson.
What if aliens had already visited us and made their decision that they don’t have any use for us or our planet? While we believe we’re a very smart species, if you go to any public place, you’ll see so many faces buried in their electronics missing the world around them. These were central ideas [...]
Direction and Animation:Juan José López Actúan: Alejandro Elías, La Vero Paz y Josefina Paz Dirección de fotografía y cámara: Carlos Vilaró Nadal vilaro.tumblr.com/ Asistencia de Producción: Lucila Parra Maquillaje: Soledad Udrizar soleudrizar.wix.com/soleudrizar ideestudioic.wix.com/isas Peinado: Natalia Cianci facebook.com/Touch.Peluqu… Estilismo: Gonzalo Beceda dequemevisto.com/ Ropa de: Bianca & García facebook.com/biancaygarci… Confección vestuario nude: Fernanda Saravia Asistencia general: Ileana [...]