BeJoe – We help each other out!

BeJoe is a new meeting platform to manage free time, thanks to friends. It allows users to spot their influencers, their persons of trust in various activities (restaurants, culture, travels, shopping…) through good plans, recommendations and events organization… Because we do not entrust our fun to just anyone!
First, we supported the start-up in the brand positioning and the global storytelling to target a general public, especially young public, the main early-adopters. Then, we directed this fresh and quirky spot, mixing live view and motion design.
Try BeJoe here:
Art Direction & animation : Mute
Storytelling: Marie Brun, Julien Andrieux, Olivier Pignard
Storyboard: Timothée Mironneau
Art Director: Marie Brun
Motion Director & Composite: Julien Andrieux
Movie Director: Creazz
Director of Photography: Nicolas Berteyac
Actors: Maxime Rebere, Edouard Tritant
Green screen: Pagès Films
Voice recording & Sound design: Audio Pigment

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