Guinness “Dot”

Another amazing ad from Guinness. Absolutely stunning.


Client: Diageo
Product: Guinness Ale
Title: “Dot”

Agengy: IIBBDO, Dublin
Creative Director(s): Mal Stevenson
Art Directors: Jonathan Cullen.
Copywriter: Rory Hamilton
Producer: Onagh Carolan
Beer Stylist: Thomas Power

Production Company: Psyop/Stink
Director: Eben Mears
Art Director: Haejin Cho
Executive Producer (s): Justin Booth-Clibborn, Psyop/Blake Powell, Stink
Producers: Jen Glabus, Psyop/Sophie Kluman, Stink
Asst. Producer: Carol Collins, Psyop
DOP: Igor Jadue Lillo & Steve Koster
Additional Design: Tanya Weiss, John Saunders, Gordon Waltho, Pete Sickert=Bennett, Anh Vu, Ine Van Den Elsen
VFX Supervisor: Jake Slutsky
3D: Jeff Lopez, Damon Ciarelli, Iggy Ayestaran, Aditi Kapoor, Saira Mathew, Boris Ustaev, Jeff Dates, Jordan Blit, Josh Harvey, Todd Akita, Tom Cushwa, Lee Wolland, Pota Tseng, Jason Vega, Kitty Lin, Jason Goodman
FX: Miguel A. Salek
Flame: Eben Mears, Aska Otake, Jaime Aguirre
2D Compositing: Molly Schwartz
2D Roto Lead: Leslie Chung
Roto: J Bush, David Marte, Stefania Gallico
2D Tracking Leads: Hyunjeen Lee, Seung Lee
Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan
Editor: Cass Vanini

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