Montage from Cartoon Network’s 2010 On-Air Brand Expansion

Debut Dates: May-August, 2010

Client: Cartoon Network
Chief Marketing Officer: Brenda Freeman
SVP On-Air/Creative Director: Michael Ouweleen
VP Production On-Air: Nathania Seales
Art Director: Eric Lacombe

Design & Production Company: Brand New School
Creative Director: Jonathan Notaro
Art Directors: Eric Adolfsen, Mike Calvert
Associate Art Director: Forest Young
Logo Designers: Jonathan Notaro, Jens Gehlhaar, Eric Adolfsen, Mike Calvert, Ryan Waller
Lead Designers: Adam Wentworth, Damien Correll
Icon Designers: Mike Calvert, Aaron Stewart
Pitch Designers: Eric Adolfsen, Mike Calvert, Forest Young, Josh Parpan, Will Frohn, Pat Arrington, Philippe Intraligi, Ryan Cox, Sal Dell’Aquila, George Vincent
CG Director: Vadim Turchin
3D Animation: Walter Lubinski
3D Tracking: Han Ho
3D Modeling: Walter Lubinski, Adam Rosenzweig
Lead Animators: Hyesung Park, Andy Mastrocinque, Arthur Hur
Animator: David Rasura
Additonal Animation: Eric Bauer, David Lucido
Flicks Movie Package Design: Mario Sader, Jungeun Kim
Flicks 2D VFX Supervisor: Arthur Hur
Flicks 3D VFX Supervisor: Han Ho
Flicks CG Director: Han Ho
Flicks Movie Package Editor: Sam Goetz
Storyboarding: Will Rosado
Managing Director: Danny Rosenbloom
Head of Production: Devin Brook
Producer: Greg Babuik
Associate Producer: Michele Watkins
Production Coordinator: Ilona Klaver
Production Assistant: Madison Brigode

ID Design and Animation Credits
“C” (Magnet): Design: Meg Hunt; Animation: Stieg Retlin, Kat Morris, Andy Mastrocinque
“A” (Roadway): Design: Mike Calvert; Animation: Freddy Arenas
“R” (Car Chase): Design: Ryan Cox; Animation: Walter Lubinski
“T” (Helicopter): Design: Ryan Cox; Animation: Walter Lubinski
“OO” (Split Eyes): Design: Travis Millard; Animation: Stieg Retlin, Hyesung Park
“N (Footjoy)”: Design: Eric Adolfsen; Animation: Freddy Arenas
“N (Teeth)”: Design: Ricardo Villavicencio; Animation: Hyesung Park, Stieg Retlin
“E” (Bubbles): Design: Mike Calvert; Animation: Andy Mastrocinque, Steig Retlin
“T” (Clothesline): Design: Stephen Kelleher; Animation: Hyesung Park
“W” (Serpent): Design: Andrew Poneros; Animation: Andy Masterson
“O” (Infinite Donut): Design: Travis Millard; Animation: Stieg Retlin, Hyesung Park
“R” (Arrgh): Design: Meg Hunt; Animation: Hyesung Park, Stieg Retlin, Jessica Milazzo
“K” (Mega Bite): Design: Ricardo Villavicencio; Animation: Andy Mastrocinque

Original Music: Mad Decent and Michael Kohler

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