O2: The Making Of ‘Niggles and Narks’

This is a unique behind-the-scenes look at how ‘Niggles and Narks’ – the new campaign for O2’s broadband service created by The Mill and VCCP – came to life.

The multi-platform campaign features animated characters based around the idea that a broadband service would talk about broadband and its customers, rather than the technology, its speed, the price and downloads. Directed by The Mill’s McBess and Simon Landrein, they created the animated world of the Niggles and Narks, who starred in their own television commercial, featured on a national poster campaign, on in-store packaging, plasma sequences, unique collectables and promotional material with merchandising and shop front displays. Alex Webster, Executive Producer, The Mill VFX Studio explains: “The unveiling of the O2 campaign is a significant moment for the content direction team at The Mill as it sees our original design and animation work across a whole host of media platforms.”


The Mill Visual Effects Studio – http://www.themill.com/

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