The untapped beauty and richness, the fascinating culture and nature – outsiders are usually overwhelmed and left with much intrigue when they visit the black continent for the first time. This commercial abducts the viewer into this magnificent and majestic world – and invites everyone to join the safari and indulge with all sensuality in the flavors and pleasures of Africa.

Client: Tetley
Director: Christopher Hewitt
Postproduction/VFX: SEHSUCHT GmbH
Design: Lasse Clausen, Daniel Schmidt
3D: Maurice Panisch, Timo Jungnik Freiherr von Wittken,
Heinrich Löwe, Felix Geremus
Compositing: Daniel Hummer, Florian Zachau
Producer: Jens Monske
Executive Producer: Martin Woelke
Music/Sound Design: Grayson Matthews
Production Company: The Ebeling Group
Agency: John ST, Toronto

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