Wuha – Valorize your web searches

WUHA is a new Google plugin which allows employees to share and benefit from all the company’s history of search results. It’s a new way to increase and optimize firm’s productivity creating a common intellectual heritage.
To launch the plugin, we proposed a commercial video presenting its most important aspects and benefits.
In the spot, we discover a team celebrating the end of a big project, well led thanks to a secret tool. With a teasing effect, we present the solution through different character’s opinion. In the end, the team’s manager reveals the name Wuha while thanking all his partners.
More about Wuha: wuha.io
Art direction & animation: Mute
Art director & Character design: Julie Gaudin
Motion director: Julien Andrieux
Storytelling & Storyboard: Julie Gaudi, Manon Poncie
Character animation: Julien Andrieux, Julie Gaudin
Animation & Compositing: Julien Andrieux, Julie Gaudin
Voice recording & Sound design: Audio Pigment

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