Create a Volumetric Smoke Trail in After Effects with Trapcode Particular

Author: Peder Norrby from Trapcode

This was an attempt at creating a volumetric looking smoke effect, similar to this

It was totally improvised so it shows how I experiment to get the settings right.

After rendering the final clip I noticed I had to change the Particle>Size over Life curve so the particles size faded out rather than just disappearing abruptly. I also setup Aux>Opacity over Life so the auxiliary particles faded out (using opacity).

This is a rather crazy way to make a tutorial – having not even tried creating effect before! How did you like that approach? Perhaps it is better I first try making the effect and then recording the tutorial? I thought I’d at least try this way.. let me know what you think.

Final render:

More info and AEP here:


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