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New Site & Reel of Paolo Garcia

Showcasing my folio of work spanning the last 4 years. (Music credit: Gesaffelstein – Destinations) You can view my folio here: Which combines my two great passions of Design & Travel in one place.


It’s been more than 20 years, since Manousos left behind the big city. He now lives in a remote village in Crete, surrounded by mountains and the sea. His life and work in the countryside, inspired us for the 4th film in the ‘Art of Making’ series.

Onekind by Ogilvy

Onekind is Ogilvy’s new brand innovation setup.

In-Shadow Trailer

Trailer for “In-Shadow”, a surreal audio-visual journey into the fragmented and declining spirit of the West.

L2D Showreel

2016 Showreel for interactive and web firm: Level2d


Personal collaboration. In nature, it is often the simplest rules that lead to forming the most complex, beautiful forms. flow/er is a visual poem that observes this through a design lens, combining our fascination with organic, raw aesthetic with foreign geometric forms. We observe natural laws take shape in a strange dance of meticulous choreography […]


Direction and Animation:Juan José López Actúan: Alejandro Elías, La Vero Paz y Josefina Paz Dirección de fotografía y cámara: Carlos Vilaró Nadal Asistencia de Producción: Lucila Parra Maquillaje: Soledad Udrizar Peinado: Natalia Cianci… Estilismo: Gonzalo Beceda Ropa de: Bianca & García… Confección vestuario nude: Fernanda Saravia Asistencia general: Ileana […]


I decided to play around with some masking techniques in AfterEffects using existing visual styleframes I had laying around. After tweaking and adding a little bit of content to the frames, what resulted is an interesting concept that speaks to the airport experience. How great would it be to receive a video message on your […]

Meet Baasic

This project was equal parts amazingly fun and hair-pulling and the result is basically an explainer video not quite like you’ve ever seen before featuring half a horse. Explaining what is Backend-As-A-Service took a couple of months to figure out. If you wanna build an app, regardless of whether it’s mobile, desktop or web, you’re […]

How to…Bloody Mary

I’m happy to present the ultimate recipe for the perfect Bloody Mary. Follow the easy instructions and you can do it yourself at home. Enjoy !

Quit Smoking

That’s what happened after the 11th of March (the day I had had my last cigarette), and how I tried to escape the struggle of quitting using animation: I’ve created a loop animation every week for 9 weeks, trying to describe the process i was and i’m still going through. Insomnia, Headache, Breath, Calling, Stress, […]

What does an Ad Agency do?

This explainer video, made by Rocket, takes you on a journey through the inner workings of an Advertising Agency.

Hi – Discover Motion Design

Motion Design can truly engage the audience in a way that no other media can and since our world is neither plain nor still, your communication shouldn’t be either. CREDITS Concept, Design & Direction: Hi INTERACTIVE


Showreel of Halluci-Nation 2016 See more work from our production house at: HALLUCI-NATION.COM and Year: 2016

Kinto-Mo – Showreel 2016

Showreel, best of motion design and video