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Formula 1 RAI

Client: RAI Creative Director: Roberto Bagatti Director: Ced Pakusevskij Music & Sound Design: Guido Smider FullScream: Csaba Polgar, Marija Pavkovic, Marco Massignani, Stefano Carugati, Dragana Mandic, Giovanni Bianchet, Zelda Diana Andreali Likes: 156 Viewed: 1949 source

Audi A5 – Pure imagination (Directors Cut)

This short film creates the vision of the ‘super-computer’ and aims to answer the question; “What if artificial intelligence could dream?”
 Starting from what feels like the inner-core of the machine, the film takes viewers on a vivid journey, through a world of lights, movement, and alternative reality; featuring segments of continuous and fast-travelling shots […]


Full Project // Discovery Japan called Onesal once again to produce a series of three idents and one filler under the same creative direction. For each ID we made an abstract sculpture representing the content of Discovery which changes, finding a new meaning when changing perspective. This was an incredibly fun project and we […]


Client: RSRS Agency: Praxis Advance / Year: 2016 My role: modelling, animation, lighting, rendering, compositing Music: Lorn – Anvil Likes: 64 Viewed: 668 source

Starbase L-370 VFX Shot

Just a personal project shot done for fun. I’ve always wanted do a space shot close to a planet’s rings, so here it is. The rings are composed of 25 million particles to create enough density for the shot. Likes: 20 Viewed: 594 source

Nike Air Max 2017 ~ Vapor

Working in-house as a part of the ManvsMachine team I created animation concept tests for our Air Max 2017 films. For ‘Vapor’ I animated the opening intro scene. Concept, Design & Direction: ManvsMachine Client: Nike Brand Design Audio: Zelig Likes: 31 Viewed: source

Pepsi Arabia – ‘Hand in Hand, We Can’

Glassworks Barcelona is glad to present the spot directed by Ernest Desumbila made with Pepsi Arabia in collaboration with Sauvage for the campaign ‘Hand in Hand, We Can’, launched earlier 2017. In the spot we can see six top sport personalities from Saudi Arabia, from athletes to football players, joining efforts to fight against the […]


Jostle is a cloud-based intranet software that improves employee engagement and internal communications. They work hard to make extraordinary workplaces every day. They’re passionate about their product, and this is why we wanted to help tell their story. While Jostle continues to make extraordinary workplaces, they are pretty extraordinary themselves, so we highlighted their hard-working […]

Reid Willis – The Slow Knife (official video)

Starring Lavinia Kapewasha Director: F. Lazzari Produced by WeAreRiser + Moon207 Producers: Charlotte Regan / Jack Hannon D.O.P: Charlie Herranz 1st AC:​​​ Sonia Rodriguez 2nd AC: Marcus Albersten DIT: John Layton Hair & Make Up: Rita Pala Costume: Marina P Fuchs / Elloise Clegg Production Assistant: Jamal James 3D & VFX: F. Lazzari / Popscience […]

Reid Willis – The Slow Knife (official video)

Starring Lavinia Kapewasha Director: F. Lazzari Produced by WeAreRiser + Moon207 Producers: Charlotte Regan / Jack Hannon D.O.P: Charlie Herranz 1st AC:​​​ Sonia Rodriguez 2nd AC: Marcus Albersten DIT: John Layton Hair & Make Up: Rita Pala Costume: Marina P Fuchs / Elloise Clegg Production Assistant: Jamal James 3D & VFX: F. Lazzari / Popscience […]

Houdini Ice and Frost

Frost and ice growth system originating from collision points of snowflakes. It’s delightfully procedural but became somewhat heavy; I’ll optimize better next time. Everything was done in Houdini and rendered with Arnold. The model is a scan of a beautiful sculpture by Georges Gardet called Drame au désert from Likes: 634 Viewed: 11194 source


Agency : Nick Hegreberg & Torjan Rood Vastveit Øyedrops : Art Direction, 3D, Compositing, Sound Design Logistics software industry film that goes beyond the usual snap and takes a more cinematic approach to pitch their product to potential clients. The visuals do some heavy lifting to be both explanatory, and visually interesting. Likes: 372 Viewed: […]

Malaki — Molasses

The third installment of our collaboration with Malaki concerns the Molasses essences. As the Molasses flavors are brought to life through abstract paintings, each one an artistic representation of the taste it is named for, we drew inspiration from the iconic graphic element of the Molasses packs, the very brushstroke decoding this neat concept through 3D play involving liquid colorful paint, dynamic […]

El Jimador // El Matador

GOOOOAAAAAAAALLL! World Cup is upon us! We made this whirlwind of a spot with our pals at Scoppechio, telling the story of Luis Hernandez and his brother, Carlos. ——- CREDITS Client: El Jimador Agency: Scoppechio Directed by Giant Ant Producer: Liam Hogan Creative Direction: Jay Grandin Art Direction: Rafael Mayani Treatment & Storyboard: Rafael Mayani, Jay […]


This animation is part of ‘A word, a week’, a creative exploration by Animography, Sound design by David kamp. Animated Typeface: Barbour by Timo Kuilder & Philip von Borries. Likes: 104 Viewed: 7204 source

Datos Formula 1 México

Likes: 221 Viewed: 1361 source

CROSS19: Genesis to Revelation

Under the direction of Greg Stewart and Radleigh Wakefield I was able to animate part of this piece alongside Kenji Itto. Also, our friend Alberto Justiniani was in charge of the audio design. It was a very rapid process and completely enjoyable. Likes: 115 Viewed: 453 source

Bouncy Mountain – C4D / Octane

Bouncy Mountain is a simple little animation driven by basic noise, some awesome mountain textures / displacement from AxisFx, and basic VDB clouds in Octane.  Music: “Web Love” by Unfinishedpickle Follow me on Instagram for more renders @hunter_kudjo Likes: 7 Viewed: 141 source

BNZ ‘My Moni’

My Moni is a mobile app created for BNZ to help get teenagers thinking about financial decisions. Through a series of entertaining – and relatable – challenges, users guide Moni to make the right decisions to reach their goal. Students using the app meet Moni, choose a goal and get basic information on their characters […]

Cartoon Network Ident: Forest Jump

Made during the “Applied Animation” course of our 2nd BA year. By Luca Struchen, Simon Ott, Chris Unternährer, Markus Graf, David Bangerter (Musiker) See full Credits here: Read the course description (German): Likes: 1470 Viewed: 20442 source

R&F + GiantSpoon + GGWP

Giant Spoon approached us to create a show package for the new online show, GGWP, which takes a deep dive into a different e-sports athlete each episode to understand their success, strategy and ambition. We were immediately drawn to the minimal yet striking LED driven set design, and loved the idea of stripping gaming down […]


Personal collaboration. In nature, it is often the simplest rules that lead to forming the most complex, beautiful forms. flow/er is a visual poem that observes this through a design lens, combining our fascination with organic, raw aesthetic with foreign geometric forms. We observe natural laws take shape in a strange dance of meticulous choreography […]


‘Dead Ahead’ is a postcard animation to the world of the horror movie genre. Our intrepid travelers head out into the wilderness on their road trip only to find one nightmare scenario after the other. With each step forward a new monster emerges paying homage to such classics as Friday the 13th, Jaws and Pet […]

Super Museums

What’s your favourite museum? I had a few, so i decided to make a tribute to them… low poly style! Museums in order of appearance: -Solomon R. Guggenheim . New York. 1959 -Guggenheim . Bilbão. 1997 -Ann de Stroom . Antwerp. 2011 -Denver Art Museum . Denver. 2006 -Centre Pompidou . Paris. 1977 -Mac Niterói […]

OFFF CDMX Main Titles 2016

Direction, production: Materia / / Live action scenes, editing, grading: Susi Sie 3D, compositing, grading: Remo Gambacciani Music, sound design: Nikolai von Sallwitz / / MATERIA is a interdisciplinary collective, founded by Susi Sie and Remo Gambacciani. The Main Titles for OFFF CDMX 2016 were produced by combining analog and digital […]

Jumpstart Recovery

Conventional earthquake insurance is designed to cover a complete loss of your home—with high premiums and deductibles to match. Jumpstart is different. We know that even in a large quake, most people experience minor damage. Our goal is to get you a lump sum—quickly—to cover your immediate needs after the quake. Agency: Authors Projects Direction: […]

DIN e.V. Gemeinsam Zukunft gestalten

A small paper car drives through scenes of developing paper shapes and pop-up books revealing the world of DIN, the standardizing company with an insight for the future. The concept was developed by C3 Creative Code and Content GmbH, while Cris Wiegandt & Lacy Barry of Crizilla Studios were tasked with realizing the paper prop […]

This Is Talent Intelligence | Talent Connect 2017

We created an animation for LinkedIn’s new feature called, “Talent Intelligence,” which was displayed during their Talent Connect conference in Nashville. This tool gives professionals a better understanding of how and when to recruit new talent as well as who the best candidates are for each job. Throughout the piece we take the viewer on […]

Fragment Studio

Fragment Studio is a new Motion Graphics Studio based in Barcelona. We are designers, technologists and creatives working as one single mind. Our ambition is to create unique crafted pieces that trigger emotions in an appealing way. For us, any audiovisual expression is art. Art is what we do; art is what we are. We […]

2017 HEEDO PARK Showreel

2017 HEEDO PARK Showreel GIANTSTEP was involved in all the projects. Giantstep Link – E-mail Use Software Maya, Vray, Arnold, Xgen, Speedtree, Substance painter, Mari, Nuke, PF Track Likes: 41 Viewed: 0 source

Nest Home Away Assist

Had the pleasure of working with Very True Story in Portland to complete this explainer for Nest. I helped design frames and animate the grid section. Nest Creative Director: Craig Williams Producer: Jessica Koontz Design Director: Elie Monge Inspired by Oddfellows Very True Story Director: Adam Patch Producer: Kristin Almy Animation Director: Adam Glickfield Design: […]

Allianz – Allianz Cinema (Zurich)

Accompanied by playful music, a captivating scene unfolds—literally and figuratively—from a paper cube. Food stalls, a grandstand, tents, and more elegantly construct themselves like origami to create a fairytale outdoor cinema, and set the stage for truly magical summer movie moments. Client: Allianz Cinema Agency: Freundliche Grüsse Production Company: SEHSUCHT Berlin GmbH & Co. KG […]

Google – Horizon Conference Open

A visual spectacle driven by music to open a Google event held at the San Francisco Mint. Directed by Gunner Design: Ian Sigmon, Nick Forshee Animation: Marcus Bakke, Ian Sigmon, Nick Forshee Music Composistion: Client: Google Likes: 3266 Viewed: 103763 source


Client: Monnaie de Paris Agency: La Chose Paris Prod Co: Eddy Executive production: Nicolas De Rosanbo Animation studio: Brunch Line producer: Julie Bellemare Direction & storyboard: Hugo Ramirez Design: Leila Courtillon Lead animation: Olivier Lescot Animation: Martin Richard, Amelie Maurice, Mehdi Leffad 3D: Audrey Respaud, Mathieu Maurel, Max Granger Compo: Philippe Valette Likes: 304 Viewed: […]

MAD Showreel 2018

Compilatie van gedaan werk op het gebied van Film, Animatie en Grafisch ontwerp. Bekijk ons gehele portfolio op: Compilation of work in the area of Film, Animation and Graphic design. Check out our whole portfolio at: Likes: 1 Viewed: 149 source

stereo skifcha stereo version on music Likes: 14890 Viewed: 4639626 source

Device Reel 2017

Visit us: Home Follow us: Likes: 166 Viewed: 15582 source

MGM “Adrenaline”

Built around an accelerating heartbeat, our TVC for MGM Casino’s new gaming app, is engineered to capture the exhilarating emotion that makes your heart race faster and faster when you step through the casino doors. We drew inspiration from the distinctive color palette and experiences of MGM, to craft a black and gold world of […]

Loop 04 – It’s a LOOP

Personal work Likes: 38 Viewed: 125 source


A surreal and experimental arts piece combining woman and bird to tell a beautiful visual story within an imaginary world of intricate colour and detail. See the full project here – See the process film here – Designed & directed by FutureDeluxe. Art Direction & Lead CG Artist – Twistedpoly Model/Movement Artist – […]

GAMEVIL Royal Blood Cinematic Trailer

Client : Gamevil Production Company : Alfred Imageworks Executive Producer : Yoo Sungjin Producer : Jeong Jiwon Production Manager : Kim miae, Yeo Honey Director : Park Doseok Art Director : Lee Sangdon CGI Supervisor : Choi Heeseok, Kim Geunmo, Seong Jeonghun Animation Supervisor : Kang Byoungho Previsual Supervisor : Kim Sanggon Concept Artists : […]

EnBW – Guter Stoff (90“ Cinematic Version)

Ever wondered why birds sit on power lines? Well, we can’t speak for all of them, but these three little birds truly don’t worry about a thing as they get high on the green electricity provided by german energy supplier EnBW. Walking a fine line between lifelike physiology and characteristic acting, chief creative pothead (CCP) […]

Us By Night | Opening Titles

The Opening Titles for Us By Night. [ FULLSCREEN ] making of: Design / Direction: Simon Holmedal Audio : Human Robot Soul Likes: 650 Viewed: 4848 source

Acid on Golden bear – Houdini

Test with flip houdini 15.5 – Mantra – Nuke Likes: 43 Viewed: 640 source


The initial job and online took place in 2015 for Trollbäck + Company, New York with Elliot Chaffer as Creative Director on the “Apple iPhone 6s wallpapers”. The iPhone 6s was the first to debut Live Photos: a camera-based feature leveraging 3D Touch to create short animations from photographs. On this project footage of exotic […]

NEXON Moonlight Blade Cinematic Trailer

Client : NEXON Production Company : Alfred Imageworks Executive Producer : Yoo Sungjin Producer : Jeong Jiwon Production Manager : Kim miae Coordinator : Yeo Honey, Jung Helen Director : Yoon Hyunho Art Director : Lee Sangdon CGI Supervisor : Choi Heeseok, Kim Geunmo, Seong Jeonghun Animation Supervisor : Kang Byoungho Previsual Supervisor : Kim […]

Heart Attack

Audio: Flying Lotus / Arkestry Burial / Loner Likes: 1607 Viewed: 31797 source

The tale of a Rando

A promo for Rando – an anonymous photo sharing platform. Credit list: Design and direction: Markus Magnusson Animation: Markus Magnusson, Raoul Alpkut Soundtrack: Ergo Phizmiz – Tillys Punctured Romancer Sound design: Markus Magnusson with some help from Likes: 4560 Viewed: 89248 source

Oliver Sin Reel 2013

I have a new 2015 reel that you can watch here: My 2013 reel with my favourite personal and client projects Website: Twitter: Instagram – Music: Lullatone – Finding a Leaf in Your Girlfriend’s Hair Likes: 1152 Viewed: 27306 source

Alessandra Leone logo animation

“Somewhere between abstraction and figuration” Logo Animation: Alessandra Leone Sound Design: VibeCode Likes: 1679 Viewed: 39286 source

NBC’s The Blacklist “Classified” Trailer

Antibody worked with the talented folk from NBC Universal to create this trailer for their new espionage drama, The Blacklist. The graphics reveal the background of Red Reddington, a rogue agent played by the legendary James Spader. Produced by Antibody in collaboration with NBC Universal. Promo Preditor: Steven Wagner NBC Production: Corey Schmidt NBC Creative […]

Flip Flop Interactive Logo Reveal

We were really happy when we got a brief from Flip Flop Interactive in school. They wanted us to animate a short logo animation which in an easy way gave a hint on what they do. Guillaume and I teamed up and came up with a great concept with some fast transitions. We also recorded […]

TF1 BUMPERS PUB – Early 2014

Client / TF1 Concept / Design & Creative Direction : NAKED © Produced by NAKED © Naked Compagnie Director : Patrick Delobelle Executive Producer : Philippe Fournerie Senior Art Director / Designer : Benoît Bayart Senior 3D Artist : Corentin Seguin de Broin – Jonathan Roméo Junior Art director : Seydou Koné Compositing ; Laura […]

FITC Tokyo 2015 Titles

Now in its sixth year, FITC Tokyo 2015 consists of presentations from some of the most interesting and engaging digital creators from all around the world. To commemorate FITC Tokyo’s inaugural title sequence we sought to encapsulate the city itself—distilled to graphic form. Aiming to contrast the harmonies of traditional Japanese culture against the backdrop […]

Pro7 Idents 2015 Cutdown

Series of idents for German TV Channel Pro7 See projects here: CREDITS Client – ProSiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland GmbH Account Executive ProSieben / ProSieben MAXX – Anne-Jacqueline Wenisch Art Director OnAir Design – Markus Goles Direction & Design – Timo Böse Production Company / Animation Studio – Woodblock Producer – Matthias Winter Artists – Sebastian […]

GATORADE “Groove like Mike”

Directors Henri & Sebastián Agency TBWA/CHIAT/DAY EP Lautaro Brunatti Leticia Christoph Creative Development Laura Gorbatt Mercedes López Producer Manager Juane Paoletta Line Producer Lucio Fiorentini PA Victoria Pronzato Post Production Coordinator Mechi Serrano Art Director Gianluca Fallone for “The Rancho” BTS Tota Romero Music Animal Music Likes: 1032 Viewed: 8661 source


We teamed up with Artbox on this piece for creative agency Gunfight. Gunfight is an in-house new style agency based in London. They offer their clients a project-only creative service and are a partner of Award winning UK production company GreatGuns. We were responsible for the direction en production of this introductory and were inspired […]