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Phil Shoebottom | Showreel

Here is a new reel of my latest and greatest (well, fondest) work from the past few years ūüôā All work in the reel was produced at realtime:uk, where I am Senior Lead Artist. Software used was 3dsmax, Vray, After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere. Music: Radiohead | Weird Fishes

V-Ray VFX Reel 2010

@vrayinfo Post #300 Chaos Group have posted their 2010 V-Ray VFX Reel. The reel contains the work of Akama Studio, Alex Roman, Armstrong-White, BLUR, Frost FX, Genig, Ixor VFX, LUXX studios, Radium & Speedshape  

Oliver Sin Reel 2013

My latest reel with my favourite personal and client projects Portfolio: Twitter: Facebook: Music: Lullatone РFinding a Leaf in Your Girlfriend’s Hair

Joao Monteiro – Summer Reel 2016

Another year another reel. It was about time to refresh my online presence with my favourite work from the last 2 years. It encompasses work I’ve done in many studios, post houses and agencies as well as work I’ve been creating and directing on my own… “Mondi” studio (I’ll save some surprises for the end […]

Colin Hesterly Demo Reel

“Garbage Truck” – Beck      

TwistedREEL 2012

My commercial and personal work up to January 2012. Music: The Joy Formidable – Cradle Breakdown: 00:06¬†— Bon Appetit — Personal project — Direction / Modeling / Animation / Compositing 00:10¬†— Fan — Personal project — Direction / Modeling / Animation / Compositing 00:12¬†— Anonymous project — The Observatory — Direction / Modeling / Animation […]

Tigrelab Reel #3

Our brand new Demoreel. visit¬† music: Wendy Rene After Laughter Comes Tears (Nicolas Jaar remix)  

VFX, Motion Design Reel 2k15

Art director Animator CG Motion Designer ______________________ VFX Motion Design Reel 2015 Music Reel: Jibbs – Chain Hang Low (Crizzly & AFK Remix) ______________________ Used Software: 3D: Maxon Cinema 4D, Renderer: Octane, V-Ray, C4D Physical Render. 2D : After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator. ______________________ Mehdi Hadi tumblr: Mail:

Menno Fokma / Reel 2010

“I am searching for abstract ways of expressing reality. Abstract forms that will enlighten my own mystery.” The reel is a compilation of past projects; existing of commercial- and independent projects. A lot of work is done at, and in co-operation with, the amazing creative motion studio Onesize ( ). My role varied from […]

Linus Lundin – Showreel 2010

A collection of my latest work including commercial and self initiated projects. Enjoy! More projects will be available soon at¬† Available for freelance work. Music: Confessions of a Toothpaste Machine – Third Dimension Doorknob Credits: MTV – Valtifest Postpanic My role: Modeling, texturing and animation as an intern. Electrolux Home Direction: Sam Brandhildh & Fredrik […]

Onesize anno 2012

This is who we are anno 2012    

Rhythm & Hues Final Showreel 2013

Rhythm & Hues Studios was established in Los Angeles, California in 1987 by former employees of Robert Abel and Associates (John Hughes, Pauline Ts’o, and Keith Goldfarb). The company uses its own proprietary software for its photo-realistic character animation/visual effects‚ÄĒas well as for those that are more stylized. In 1999, Rhythm & Hues Studios acquired […]

Olly Robertson Showreel 2016

Collection of some of my favourite motion graphics projects.

DeepGreenSea – Showreel 2010

A sample of projects both artistic and commercial. All shots done with Canon 5DMkII. Editing: Theodoros Armaos Music: E.V.A. (Fatboy Slim Remix)  

Spov 2012 Showreel

Our 2012 showreel. Edited by Yugen Blake. Audio by Zelig Sound.  

Linus Lundin – Showreel 2012

The latest collection of my favorite work from 2011-2012. I had a great time working as a freelancer during this period and had the opportunity to work with great people. Working with this makes me smile and I hope to continue doing it and develop my work further. Thanks for watching /Linus Project / Client […]

Platige Image Showreel

The brand new Showreel from Platige Image studio. Enjoy watching the selection of our best works. Edit: Magda MikoŇāajczyk, Adam KaŇāuski Music: AUER

SEH creations REEL 2016

We are SEH Creations, audiovisual communication studio based in Medell√≠n, Colombia. We are of those who believe in audiovisual communication as something powerful, limitless. we are of those who believe in growth, build and imagine. We are of those who believe in people, in their ability to dream. Of those who believe in the objectives, […]

Medusateam Showreel

Great motion design work from Medusateam. A design studio from Spain. I highly recommend to check out their other works.

Nando Costa Reel 2010

Complete body of work at Music by

Colors And The Kids – Selected Works 2008 / 2010

Collection of selected motion works from 2008 to 2010. Music by Junip ‚Äď Azaleadalen  

Bastiaan Koch – VFX SHOWREEL

Bastiaan Koch – VFX SHOWREEL 2011 Rango (Industrial Light & Magic) – Creature & Environments Modeller (VFX Oscar Winner) Sunshine (Moving Picture Company) – Model Supervisor Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Industrial Light & Magic) – Modeller Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Industrial Light & Magic) – Modeller HellBoyII: The Golden Army (Double Negative) – […]

Adam Swaab – Fall Reel 2012

This is a collection of some of my work over the last couple years. Please see my website for my contribution to each project.  

New Site & Reel of Paolo Garcia

Showcasing my folio of work spanning the last 4 years. (Music credit: Gesaffelstein – Destinations) You can view my folio here: Which combines my two great passions of Design & Travel in one place.

HollandCentraal – Reel 2010

HollandCentraal – Motion Graphic Design Reel 2010


It’s an update of my motion design work from 2009 to 2010. A compilation of past projects; existing of commercial- and independent projects. Music by J√≥nsi – Go Do Hope you like it.  

Timothy Mercenary Montage Fall 2011

A montage of selected projects up to fall 2011. Direction / Design / Animation Music: “Night by Night” by Chromeo  

Rob Norman – Showreel 2013

Motion Graphics Showreel of works created by Rob Norman using cinema 4d and after effects. Website –¬† Music by Tame Impala – Elephant  

Showreel 2016

Hello. Recently added a showreel of some great projects from the past few years. Hoping it will be of interest alongside your selection of inspiring reels!

Reel VFX Federico Quiros

Vfx Supervisor / Compositor for film and tv.

Thought Makers 2010 demo reel

What do spacemen, mythical creatures and a jungle have in common? Two new production companies, that’s what. We’d like to introduce ourselves to the masses; an energetic live action/new media company, Trouble and Maker New Media Group, and a non-profit, slick motion graphics company, Smart Bubble Society. We’d love to chat: Music by: […]

MPC Film Reel Autumn 2011

Take a look at MPC’s latest showreel featuring work on films including Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows: Part 1 & 2, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, X-Men: First Class, Sucker Punch, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Clash of the Titans, Robin Hood, and Watchmen. Soundtrack by Black Books. […]

Showreel 2012 – Art Direction & Design by Carlos Carrasco

All work is credited within their individual videos.

PostPanic Showreel 2009

A fantastic showreel of PostPanic. Enjoy.


DEMO REEL +++ Client : GPG Director / Réalisateur : GPG [] Editor / Monteur + Motion Designer : GPG [] Music / Musique : MAD MOUNTAIN KING РAPPOLO 100 2 min. 12 sec.

Mattrunks Showreel 2010

Showreel Winter 2010 My website :¬† My Portfolio :¬† My company :¬† Music & Sound Design by Obny Olivier Boni¬†  

Justin Bates VFX Reel 2012

Justin Bates is a Director & Visual Effects Supervisor currently based in London. Over the last 11 years Justin has designed, directed & produced high-end motion graphics and VFX for a variety of clients including, Adidas, Ford, Sky Sports, Sky One, T4, Gillette, Carlsberg, Cineworld, Learn Direct, Cineworld, Tiger Beer, Wolf Blass and Transport for […]

Wolfram Friele Showreel 2016

Showreel of work produced during Mograph Mentor and my internship at Onesize. Big Thanks to the lovely people from Onesize, and to my Mentors: Ryan Summers and Lucas Brooking plus everyone else who I collaborated with or who helped me out! Audio is Sirenen (Instrumental) – Lary

Stephan’s Showreel

A selection of the work I’ve made in the past few years. A lot of the projects are done at Cape Rock ( but here’s some detailed information: Project / Studio / My responsibilities 0:00¬†IDFA / Cape Rock / Art Direction 0:08¬†Half. – Film Titles / Janneke Rood / Illustration & Animation 0:20¬†Personal Experiments 0:27¬†Geheime […]

Elias Widerdal Showreel 2010

Elias Widerdal Showreel 2010 Music: Sporto Kant√©s – Car Video Credits: Oral-b: +1 Amsterdam My role: 3D +1 Amsterdam My role: 3D Amsterdam Osdorp:¬†+1 Amsterdam My role: 3D, Realflow Dirty South – Maceo Frost, Robin Gunther, Linus Lundin, My role: 3D, Realflow Quants: The Alchemists of Wall St.¬† School project, My role: Realflow, […]

Peter Quinn Showreel

@PeedyTV I’ve slapped some clips together to make a new showreel for 2012, to reflect a great few months in my new job here in Vancouver. I’d love to hear what you think, & don’t be shy with that like button.  

Wolf & Crow Montage 2012

The 2012 showreel of the LA based studio Wolf & Crow  

Studio MAD Showreel 2013

Dit is een korte compilatie van gedaan werk t/m juni 2013 op het gebied van Film, Animatie, Webdesign en Grafisch werk. Projecten: –¬†Freshtival –¬†TEDx Nijmegen – Peruca –¬†SBR Banken¬†(i.o.v.¬†Sabel Communicatie) –¬†Xsens¬†(i.o.v.¬†Alientrick) –¬†Lulof –¬†Brandcube –¬†Proper Outfit¬†‚Äď Move on videoclip – Youtube Advertising (i.s.m.¬†Adwise) –¬†Eshuis Accountants en Belastingadviseurs –¬†Hartman¬†(i.o.v. Artica) –¬†Recognize –¬†KTR¬†(i.o.v.¬†Terzake) –¬†Renault¬†(i.s.m.¬†Wirelab¬†&¬†Dorst&Lesser) –¬†Healthcare Innovation Portal¬†(i.o.v.¬†Implementation IQ) […]

2016 Reel // Ronald Rabideau

Thankful for the people and places that have influenced my work and taught me a great deal. Surely part of what I call “my work” belongs to the people that I’ve been privileged to work with. Song: Climber – Instrumental by Super Duper licensed through The Music Bed, LLC