Hot Wheels – Secret Race Battle

Directors: Chris Staves, Mischa Rozema, Justin Blyth
Production: PostPanic
Agency: Muse

Dutch digital agency Muse approached PostPanic to direct and produce a unique 3d projection to launch the new Mattel range for ‘Hot Wheels’. Muse had set their sights on using one of Sydney’s most historic buildings, The Customs House, as the setting.
Their brief to PostPanic was to show the notorious Hot Wheels Skull Racers shattering the façade of the Customs House as they competed in the ultimate race battle (thus also showing the different features in the new release of the game) in front of a large audience of young and old.
For PostPanic, the project was primarily a technical challenge within 3 mapping (projecting 3d animation to precisely fit the architecture of a specific building) especially as the Customs House was not a flat façade but containing lots of depth which had to be integrated into the film. Says co-director, Mischa Rozema, ‘This was one of the most technically challenging things we have done as not only do you have to create a relatively long animation without a single cut or edit but we also had to adhere to the complex architecture of the building which essentially directed us, rather us being able to direct it.’
The 3.5 minute film was projected on Thursday 10th March in front of a large audience.


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