Insomnia Festival 2010 Titles

Insomnia is a festival for innovative electronic music. The creative process within the genre is as varied as the music itself, and the festival hopes to sample a variety of it. The Festival also combines new innovative music with new technology and design through public seminars during the festival. It all shapes through live concerts, dj/club events, seminar, exhibitions, performance, installations and debates. Their venues vary from Tromsø’s beautiful old cinema, Verdensteatret and the student house Driv witch used to be the old youth house Brygga where artists like Bel Canto, Röyksopp and Rune Lindbæk started their career.

The festival has its base in Tromsø as the city was Norway’s capitol of house and techno when the genre emerged. Insomnia Festival runs as a non-profit event, with our main goal to create an artistic melting point and an important platform for innovative artists above the arctic circle.


Directed by Kim Holm & Christian Ruud

Produced by Toxic

Concept & Development
Christian Ruud, Kim Holm, Christian Lundvall, Lars Hauge Hoel

Concept Design
Christian Ruud

Editing, Grading & Compositing
Kim Holm

Music & Sound Design
Kim M. Jensen

Design & Animation
Christian Lundvall, Kim Holm, Christian Ruud, Lars Hauge Hoel

Christian Ruud, Lars Hauge Hoel, Frode Ekeberg

Lighting, Shading & Rendering
Christian Lundvall

Lars Hauge Hoel

Michael Markusson


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