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This new reel highlights Leviathan’s latest works representing large-scale visual experiences across all media. Among them are projects for The North Face and Callaway via Factory Design Labs, for Kelley Blue Book via Doner, for Western Digital via R&R Partners, for Dodge via Union AdWorks, and for musical artists Amon Tobin, Skrillex and others. Thankfully, the considerable talents displayed here are earning considerable recognition. For example, the judges of Detroit’s prestigious 2012 D Show awarded this Dodge Dart project the “D” Award in Special Effects for a Non-Commercial project (the top award in this category), and Amon Tobin’s “ISAM LIVE” was honored in Communication Arts’ 2012 Interactive Competition, while also being named among “The Best of 2012” by the editors at Digital Arts. Leviathan also scored the Themed Entertainment Association’s 2012 award for “Ingenious Use of Technology,” and shortlist honors from the One Club and the AICP.

Leviathan’s executive creative director Jason White recently returned from a very successful trip to Australia, where he participated in events with Autodesk in Sydney as well as the Pause Digital Festival in Melbourne. Here’s a quick sampling of the feedback:
. “From the feedback forms and just by talking to people it seems that Jason’s presentation was one of the most liked at PauseStage. It was one of the most inspiring, too.”
. “Jason’s talk really did give me new ideas and new ways of thinking, and how impacting to others truly believing in your ideas can be – the quiet but excited way in which he talked is definitely something I will be emulating when I next talk about my ideas.”
. “All I can really say to Jason is, just keep doing what you’re doing. Cause it works.”

On the return trip home to Chicago, Jason shared these thoughts: “One massive takeaway lesson from this trip: Keep making amazing content and we’ll stay ahead of the curve. Based on my experiences of the past few days, it seems like everyone wants to be in on what we are doing.”

Jason’s next presentation is scheduled for FITC Toronto 2013, The Design and Technology Festival, running April 21-23. Further information on that event is available here:


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