OFFF CDMX Main Titles 2016

Hi guys,

hope you are all fine!
We wanted to share our latest project with you, the OFFF CDMX Main Titles 2016:

It is directed and produced by MATERIA, an interdisciplinary collective, founded by Susi Sie and Remo Gambacciani.

The Main Titles for OFFF CDMX 2016 were produced by combining analog and digital techniques; blurring the boundaries to become one. Deeply inspired by the complexity of nature, MATERIA explores the uniqueness of highly detailed structures and organic shapes.

The score is composed and played by Nikolai von Sallwitz using real instruments (such as cello, bows, cymbals, woods, sticks and kalimba’s combined with voice and piezo mic) and hardware FX (such as analog synths, loads of stomp boxes like ring modulator, pitcher/octaver, delay, grain synthesis, reverbs, looper, filters and analog drum machine).

We are huge fans of and it would be a big honor for us to be featured on it.

Many thanks and greetings,
Susi and Remo

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