MLB Network Baseball IQ Show Open

MLB Networks came to Blind with this challenge, develop a look and story that engages the casual baseball enthusiast and speaks to the nerdiest of sports nerds, baseball trivia fanatics, and is all contained within the framework of the rich history of americas favorite pastime.

With the additional creative charge of “make it huge and epic” we got it down to a simple device that grabs fans when their young and grows in obsession as the fans mature in to full fledged baseball fanatics… Baseball cards!

Inspired by playing card architecture, we constructed baseball players out of the hundreds of Topps® baseball cards from MLB Networks vast archive. The card when formed into the players enact a clutch play; pitch, swing, out-field catch, OUT! Between the actions, the cards blast apart and come towards the camera in a display of information and trivia. The show package for MLB Networks original trivia game show “Baseball IQ” has action for the every fan and a touch of sabermetrics for the obsessed.


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