A Family’s Vacation Adventure

We had the privilege of creating a video campaign for Marival’s Family Emotion vacation package. Utilizing poetic storytelling, the script allowed us to explore the visuals creatively in design and animation. We wanted to breathe life into the environments and have an illustration style that was unique and interesting. We also enhanced the visuals by mixing 3D and 2D elements into the world. Enjoy!

Client: Marival Group (Resorts & Residences)
Executive Producers: Bob Kaufman & Kerri Jaye
Creative by Coat of Arms
Creative Direction & Producing: Clara Lehmann & Jonathan Lacocque
Writer: Clara Lehmann
Editor: Jonathan Lacocque
Lead Illustrator: Manuel Santos
Character Illustrator: Fernanda Ribiero
Additional Illustration: Ricardo Nilsson
Animator: Ricardo Nilsson
Voiceover: Jesse Estrada
Sound Design & Mix: Jenna Coyle
Original Music: Dan Dombrowsky

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