Bladerunner inspired 3d fractal animated music video

Taking the spirit of Bladerunner and Ghost in the Shell off-world.

Inspired by the works of Philip K. Dick, William Gibson, and Iain M Banks, Sonical’s composition, LockerX, from the new SuperCollisions EP, is an elegant amalgam of the Kurzweilian Singularity and non-Euclidean geometry. LockerX is beautifully brought to life with a striking three-dimensional animation of a dystopian future set in the Boötes Constellation – a sonical and visual expression of a technological supraorganism that lends itself to introspective transformation.

* Curated for for David’s Video Zoo.
* Official Selection: Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival 2016 (HK), Martinique Animation Festival 2016 (MTQ), 23rd Int. Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart (DE), Melbourne International Animation Festival 2016 (AU).
* feature

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