1976 meditates on presentiment and sound. The surreal short crafts an unsettling atmosphere of foreshadowing and immanent change. A clever combination of live footage and CGI, the film allows its soundtrack to drive the visuals. Everyday objects reverberate, twist and react to an oncoming pulse of events as they converge on a farmhouse lost in rural America.
A film by Aggressive, The Loop & Echoic.
Production Co: Aggressive
Postproduction: Loop
Directors: Alex Topaller, Dan Shapiro, Alex Mikhaylov
Art Director: Alex Mikhaylov
CG Supervisor: Max Chelyadnikov
Editor: Adam Thomson
Music & Sound Design: David Johnston, Tom Gilbert | Echoic
DP: Eli Born
Producer: Kelvin Craver
Production Designer: Geoff Flint
CG Artists: Max Chelyadnikov, Dmitry Paukov, Alex Frukta,
Vladimir Tomin, Daniel Rybkin, Valdemaras Dzengo, Danil Krivoruchko, Roman
Senko, Vladislav Solovjov
Production Manager: Dustin Pownall
Color Grade: Marshall Plante

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