Alfa Romeo – Animals

“Animals” is the title of this black&wild film made in collaboration with Akita Film and Armando Testa for Alfa Romeo.
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We had the opportunity to create an oneiric clash between beautiful beasts, powerful engines and anthropomorphous figures. It has been a delicious challenge and a fun game at the same time.
The main goal was to create a surreal dimension were wildness, elegance, design and performance are combined and harmonized together.
We decided on shooting real animals like snakes, dogs, a horse and a cockatoo, but we also created some hybrid characters to represent a bull, a bat and a dragonfly for example.
In order to infuse some fashion-futuristic details to the real animals, we designed special harnesses for the horse and for the dogs.
Other evocations for the animal world were built through inanimate installations like a 3D-printed wolf head or by projecting jellyfishes onto a water puddle.

Here you can enjoy the director’s cut

client: Alfa Romeo
agency: Armando Testa Torino
creative director: Raffaele Balducci

production company: Akita Film
executive producer: Enrico Maria Mazzini
producer: Rocco Bronzino
production manager: Max Villani
production coordinator: Claudia Amendola

director: Luigi Pane
director of photography: Diego Indraccolo
^:g executive producer: Giada Risso
^:g motion designer: Valentina Vicini
^:g compositor: Alice Gatti
director’s assistant: Miriam Cataldi
storyboard artist: Paolo Cubadda

stylist: Roberto Chiocchi
stylist assistant: Ingrid Pastore

Scorpio Arm camera operator: Erwin Steen
Scorpio Arm precision driver: Jose Casanovas
Focus puller: Tammo
Cam B operator: Teo Lopez
Focus puller B: Julian Crivelli
1st AD: Lucas Adamson
2nd AD: Clara Soler
Precision driver: Sergi Casanovas
Gaffer: Rai Bufi
Key Grip: David Vallve

editing: Marco Ferrara, Luigi Pane
post production: EDI Effetti Digitali Italiani
colorist: Claudio Beltrami @ Band
sound design: Michele Benedetti @ Gigasound

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