For the 2016 Portland Design Week, AEPDX, 3dPDX, and VFX/PDX teamed up to showcase an event at the Artist Repertory Theater in downtown Portland. 26 artists with varied backgrounds in animation and film were selected to contribute in this collaborative show entitled “Alphabest”. Artists were randomly assigned a letter from the alphabet and given the opportunity to create an animation based on a theme surrounding it.
Christopher was given the letter B and immediately drawn to the concept of Birth. Channeling the sadness of death and the beauty of birth Christopher found inspiration in the words of Paramahansa Yogananda.
“The ocean of Spirit has become the little bubble of my soul. Whether floating in birth, or disappearing in death, in the ocean of cosmic awareness the bubble of my life cannot die. I am indestructible consciousness, protected in the bosom of Spirit’s immortality.”
In approaching the project, Christopher wanted to feature the stillness of life and let the audience drift weightlessly in it’s dreamscape. The project was meticulously crafted in Maxxon’s Cinema 4D, then graded in Adobe Lightroom and finished in Adobe After Effects.
Composer Aaron Ransley arranged the soundtrack in Abelton Live 9 using stock plugins, with additional compressors, reverbs, and EQs from the Native Instruments Komplete 9 suite. Using a portable recorder Aaron captured the ambience responses from various rooms. Assorted swells and tones were created by recording, stretching, and layering a tenor ukulele and an electric guitar. For the detailed and intimate piano notes he used Una Corda, a sampled piano from Nils Frahm, David Klavins, and Native Instruments.
Credits :
Director : Christopher San Agustin
Composer : Aaron Ransley
Special Thanks to :
Portland Design Week
Jamal Qutub
Jarrod Allen

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