DIN e.V. Gemeinsam Zukunft gestalten

A small paper car drives through scenes of developing paper shapes and pop-up books revealing the world of DIN, the standardizing company with an insight for the future. The concept was developed by C3 Creative Code and Content GmbH, while Cris Wiegandt & Lacy Barry of Crizilla Studios were tasked with realizing the paper prop ambitions of Andreas Dihm and his animation team. The project was created to celebrate one hundred years of DIN.

Client: DIN e.v. 
Agency: C3 Ceative Code and Content GmbH
Director: Matthias Jarochowski
Senior Producer: Tina Rentzsch 
Editor: Dominic Tetz
Paper Art: CRIZILLA STUDIOS (Cris Wiegandt & Lacy Barry @ COSMOPOLA) 
Craft Assistant: Alejandra Vargas Díaz
Stop Motion: Andreas Dihm
DoP & Motion Control Operator: Andy Kaiser
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Year of production: 2017

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