Dreamstate 2016 – Official Trailer

Edit: Making-Of available: https://behance.net/gallery/44728851/Dreamstate-Los-Angeles-2016-TRAILER-MAKING-OF

Youtube: https://youtube.com/watch?v=BJaN85P9wu8
Facebook: https://facebook.com/DreamstateUSA/videos/1711022975881670/

Last year’s inaugural Dreamstate event in California brought thousands of trance fans together and delivered an unmatched musical journey. This year’s Dreamstate SoCal will transport passionate fans to another dimension over the two-day event, featuring an expanded four stage experience and globally acclaimed artists!

Client: Insomniac


Yvan Feusi
Art direction, Storyboard
Modeling & Animation of the City, Terrains, Room, Artefacts, Starships, Particles, Logo outro
Volumetric Clouds & Wind dust
All Cameras, Materials, Lighting, Rendering
Montage & Post-production

James Hilkim
Creative direction

Hervé Gaerthner
Character Animator (rigging, head & body mocap)

Yan Le Gall
Character Artist (model, textures, cloak animation)

Maxime Hacquard
Kaleidoscope sequence

Maxime Michel
Music & sound fx
Track : Supersonic by John Askew

Monica Howe
Voice actress

Philip Patag
Voice script

Thanks to:
Jeff Ryan & Christopher Kim from Insomniac
Ahmet Oktar, Developer of Octane for C4D

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