Eco-Touch – All the comfort you need, instantly!

Ogga is a french start-up which imagined an automated energy system, Eco-Touch.
Eco-touch energy intelligent manager automates heating management (including during periods of sleep)
switches off standby during absences, and makes it possible to advantageously replace an energy meter. Its simplicity of use gives it a unique advantage as it can adapt itself to any user profile.
How to arouse real estate developers and builders curiosity and in the longer term, individuals, while maintaining Ogga’spirit of simplicity?
This animated spot invite us to follow family members through their recent move in a new apartment and their discovery of a new switch system providing all comfort for this fresh start.
More about Eco-Touch :
Art direction & animation: Mute
Storytelling: Marie Brun, Julien Andrieux
Art direction: Marie Brun
Motion direction & Compositing: Julien Andrieux
Character design: Julien Andrieux
Character animation: Angélique Paultes
Sound design: Studio Kord

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