Huawei – Mate 10

For the Huawei Mate 10 mobile launch The Mill were commissioned to create this fast paced, high adrenaline metaphorical piece to capture the power of the new device.

Starting with a basic boardomatic, I was tasked with designing the CG camera moves for the ‘Eye’ section. The original concept for this was for the camera to move over the phone and dive through a lens into a bustling city street, then pull out and reveal a city vista, reflecting the amazing ability of the Dual Camera System on the Mate 10. This concept was changed later on in the project to the idea we see in the final film, the camera swings around a lens and travels through the iris of an eye before revealing it full shape, making the elegant connecting between the AI selling point of the phone and beautiful images the Mate 10 can produce.

I was also responsible for the crash zoom camera move at the end of the piece. This is where we dive inside the ‘Brain’ of the phone and see the NPU chip.

The NPU chip was also something helped design and realize, using Houdini to build the intricate network inside the chip and developing the look using Arnold in Cinema 4D.

This was an amazing project to be a part of because I got to work closely with two amazing directors as well as with an unbelievable 3D and Nuke team.

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