Japan-The Strange Country

This is my final thesis project. I created info-graphic, motion piece. My objective is to make Japanese people to think about that everything happening here in Japan, isn’t that normal. So I created this video from foreigner’s point of view, rather than Japanese people’s point of view.

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  1. This is possible the most unintentionally racist, or maybe intentionally, thing I've seen in a while. Made me uncomfortable to watch. Not sure what was meant by "strange country" but seemed like it was more aimed at saying "at least we're not as bad as them" in some place.

    1. hey Bob,

      It's made by a japanese guy.. this is the english version. It's a single point of view, I agree with you on that.. But it's here on motiongraphics.nu 'cause of the great animation, illustration and story flow.
      Thanks for your input though. Appriciated.


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