Michael Miller Demo Reel 2017

A collection of films I’ve worked on as a Modeler and Modeling Lead. Here is a quick summary of what I was a part of. Some things did not make the cut.

Ready Player One – Modeling Lead – Wade Digi Double, Stacks Environment (more to come when its released in March)

Xmen Apocalypse – Modeling Lead – Apocalypse Digi Double/Armor, BattleShip, Auschwitz Sequence – Egypt Sequence, Digi Doubles, Altar

Deadpool – Sr. Modeler – Angel Dust Digi Double Sculpt and uvs, Tech fixes on Deadpool

Avengers Age of Ultron – Modeling Supervisor – Asset ingestion, Sub Ultron LODs, Texture Variations, Damaged Variations, Arm gun animation Mechanics, Env. Key asset

Captain America The Winter Soldier – Model Lead – Captain America Digi Double, Asset Ingestion, Environment Modeling, Quinjet Blendshapes

Man of Steel – Anatomy Asset, Vehicles, Shot Modeling

300 Rise of an Empire – Modeling Lead – Horse – Props

Warm Bodies – Helped with Zombie(bonies) Asset. Model Teeth, Nails, clothing and textural additions(blood)

Final Destination 5 – Modeler/Previs Artist – On and Off set Previs for entire premonition sequence – Digi Double models, Bridge work, Props

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