MID – FollowSurg App

Follow Surg is the latest application from MID, a french group which is focused on innovation for surgery.
To promote the app and introduce all its features to patients, we imagined this commercial spot using motion design.
In this animation, we meet Lisa, a young woman who wants, after many failed diet, to do surgery to solve her weight problem. She discovers the app Follow Surg which will offer her a daily accompaniment, before and after her surgery.
More about Follow Surg : http://followsurg.com

Art direction & animation: Mute
Art direction & Character design: Julie Gaudin
Motion direction: Julien Andrieux
Storytelling & Storyboard: Julien Andrieux, Julie Gaudin
Character animation: Julien Andrieux
Animation & Compositing: Julie Gaudin
Voice recording : Audio Pigment

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