Movistar+ Formula1

Work for the season of formula1 2017 issued by Movistar +. Traditional animation with a handmade frame-by-frame treatment, with brushes to achieve the final look.
Produced by Whiteline and Performed by Sr.Margarito.

Client: Movistar +
Production Company: VISUALZINK
Production: WHITELINE

Concept Art and Animator Direction: Sr. Margarito
Animacion 2D: Jctoon
Motion design and FX: Ubalio
Brush Art direction: Daniel Eguia
Brush Artist: Elena and Diego
Layout 3D: Bogieman
Animatic: Jaime Visedo
Audio Director: Omar Tenani
Sound Design: Alberto Gonzalez
Original Rock&Rolla Music: Omar Tenani

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