ONEPlus 5

Phone commercial again XDD. This time, OnePlus asked me to make a new video for their main product this year “OnePlus 5”. I’ve seen their video of “OnePlus 3T” before, which is very impressive, so I think it’s a good challenge!
很开心也很荣幸能邀请到我的好友Zaoeyo来操刀这次的视觉设计,他在科幻概念方面是顶尖的天才。同时还要感谢Ray手机布光, chiu 的鼎力相助, 火人的houdini解决了很多我们之前没法实现的镜头。当然客户也给予了我们很高的自由度,又是一次很棒的团队合作,感谢大家的努力!~

Creation / Direction/ Main animation : Somei 孙世晟
Concept Design: Zaoeyo 曾潇霖
Phone Part:Ray 侯瑞 / Chiu 何志超
Houdini:Lewis Orton 火人

Editing / Composting /2D motion:Somei 孙世晟
Phone Modeling:Klin
Music & Sound Design: dogpiano 李嘉徴

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