Lucy has developed a Summer School concept that gives students the opportunity to work directly with industry professionals on a real project whilst at school. Working alongside Melbourne’s RMIT University with architecture, fashion, media and interior design students, this three week intense Summer School offers a fresh and pragmatic framework summoning a new direction in creative education and evolution of music video.

Lucy approached Australian synth pop outfit Rat Vs Possum to see if they would be interested in uniting forces with twenty students and make a kaleidoscopic dance clip where students are the actors and actresses.

Rat Vs Possum’s Let Music and Bodies Unite is a dance-inspired party album with a music video to match! Trained as a classical ballerina and renowned as a pedigree artist Lucy creates her very own Rock Eistedford! (an Australian nationwide competition for music, dance and drama school students).

Lead vocalist Daphne Shum takes us on her journey through her two disparate worlds; whimsical dance choreographies that reference synchronised swimming and a high school science lab are some of the scenes in this fun, theatrical, orchestrated puppet show. These two realities are united by the metallic clad vocalist, Daphne driving these kaleidoscopic worlds. Acclaimed video artist Kit Webster re-projects looped footage back into these worlds to add a synth-pop undertone which perfectly befits the feel of this album.

Turn It Up www.lucymcrae.net

This project was made possible thanks to VESKI (Victorian Endowment for Science, Knowledge and Innovation) is a charitable institution working to enhance Victoria’s intellectual capital through a dynamic program of fellowships, awards, and international networks. www.veski.org.au

RMIT Students
Alex Peters, Eli Ghias, Hugh Westland, Hannah Brasier, Janice Liyanage, K-Buzza, Kate Corke, Maya LaCroix, Megan Kiantos, Melissa Edwards, Michael Raymond, Molly Shelton, Simone Ling, Phoebe Baker-Gabb

Director – Lucy McRae
Production Designer – Barnaby Monk
1st Assistant Director – Laetitia Miglore
Co – Producers – Laetitia Miglore / Emma Pisani
DOP – Katie Milwright
Focus Puller – Emily Jade Barr
Editor – Ine van den Elsen
Stabiliser – Erwin van den IJssel
Choreography – Bobilee Shahine / Lucy McRae
Dancers – Bobilee Shahine, Natalie Shahine, Kristiarne Anthony, Kathleen Skipp and Maggie
Make Up Artist – Emma Louise
Costume Design – Cassandra Wheat
Costume Design – Adele Varcoe
Projections – www.kitwebster.com.au
Television Studio – RMIT Media
Workshop Assistance – Kevin The Man
Lead Vocalist – Daphne Shum
Band Appearance – Kieran O’Shea
Band Members – Matt Kulesza, Kieran O’Shea, Andrew Noble, Daphne Shum, Adrian Tregonning

Thanks to the staff at RMIT Andrea Mina, Anthony Fryatt, Leon van Schaik, Kev from the Workshop (and for teaching yoga), Brian and Keith from Media and Comm and all at the IT .
Special Thanks to www.postpanic.com for being amazing.

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