R&F + GiantSpoon + GGWP

Giant Spoon approached us to create a show package for the new online show, GGWP, which takes a deep dive into a different e-sports athlete each episode to understand their success, strategy and ambition. We were immediately drawn to the minimal yet striking LED driven set design, and loved the idea of stripping gaming down to its core. The dark, industrial feel really spoke to us, and we knew that the on-set installation should be celebrated as the hero, supported by equally minimal and striking graphics and typography. All animation was motivated by kinetic typography and energetic edit that moved from shot to shot. As the show was presented by HP’s OMEN, we anchored the design around the diamond motif to inject the essence of the logo into each element.


Giant Spoon

Creative + Design + Direction
Ranger & Fox

Zelig Sound

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