Semi Permanent 2017 Opening Titles

Semi Permanent 2017 opening titles created by Framestore

Design & Direction – Akira Thompson, Dan Solomon
Artists – Stefania Cancemi, Georgios Cherouvim, Dae Cho, Nate Diehl, Mohamed Echkouna, Mark Ingle, Gigi Ng, Hui Kai Su, Xiaowei (Oscar) Tan, Yi Chieh (Winnie) Wang, David Wanger, Yinan Xiong, Xiaolai (Glory) Zheng, Yi (Joey) Zhou
Creative Director – Maryanne Butler
Executive Producer – Sarah Hiddlestone
Producer – Molly McLaren
Sound Design – NYLON Studios
Senior Producer – Halle Petro
Composer – Zac Colwell
Mixing Engineer – Stuart St. Vincent Welch
Rendered with Redshift

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