Skateistan: Her Story

Earlier this year we had an amazing opportunity to work together with Skateistan on an animation which tells the story of an Afghan girl empowered through skateboarding and education. Both the animation and wider “Give Her Five” campaign aim to put the spotlight on the impact Skateistan is having on the lives of girls around the world. “Her Story” is based on the real life of a student in Kabul, Afghanistan, where Skateistan first started in 2007.

A huge thank you to everyone who worked on this with us.

More about the process

Directed by Dominik Grejc and Maria Giemza
Illustrated by Maria Giemza
Animated by Dominik Grejc, Maria Giemza, Guille Comin, David Weidemann and Dante Zaballa
Music and Sound Design by White Noise Lab

Please remember to visit Skateistan’s website to learn more about their awesome initiatives.

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