The Last Job on Earth – The Guardian

“Machines could take 50% of jobs in the next 30 years”
Moshe Vardi, Professor of computer science, Rice University

Meet Alice, holder of the last recognisable job on Earth, trying to make sense of her role in an automated world.

‘The Last Job on Earth’ is a film produced in collaboration with the Guardian Sustainable Business section.

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Produced, Directed & Designed by Moth
Lead Animator – Carlos De Faria
2D Animation by Moth & Sabine Volkert
3D Animation by Claudio Salas
Compositing by Moth & Claudio Salas
Artworking by Moth, Stephen Vuillemin, Sabine Volkert & Frankie Swan
Sound & Music by Box of Toys Audio

Guardian Team:

Commissioning Editors – Tess Riley, Laura Paddison
Writer and Creative Director – Alistair Campbell
Senior Producer – Lucile Weigel
Executive Producer – Amelie von Harrach
Script editor – Frances Polletti
Supported by – Doen Foundation

Client – The Guardian
Production Year – 2016

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