Laura Jansen / Golden

“My tiny world I built as far as I could see. The whole thing fit inside the smallest person I could be. But I’m breaking out. Help me connect to the whole sky.”

A universe inside yourself. In an imaginative and surreal way we see the growth of a personality. The person develops into a self-confident woman with the will and pride to share her true self to the world around her.

1. We see a girl in an empty secluded world. Her dress is basic and she is not remarkable in her surroundings. 2. We see that her abstract inner world bubbles and develops. It starts growing and becomes more dynamic and colourful. 3. The need to show itself on the outside increases. At first she searches for the right way of expressing. It makes her perhaps anxious or insecure. 4. But after a while it comes with more confidence and conviction. The inner world manifests greatly and for the whole world to behold.

Direction by Menno Fokma & Floris Vos

DOP: Alex Wuijts
Material & Fashion Department: Niek Pulles
Styling: Nancy Steeman
Producer: Marcel van der Velden
Choreography: Maartje Hendriks
Make-Up Artist: Clayton Leslie / Thoke Delorge (House of Orange)
Fashion: David Laport (endscene dress) / Alberta Ferretti (black dress) / Maidenform / Esther Doorhout Mees
Gaffer: Kira Falticeanu, Rolf
Best Boy: Boris Falticeanu, Indy

Additional editing: Gijs Westerman
3D: Floris Vos, Menno Fokma, Remco Janssen (Klustre)
Additional 3d: Gabor Ekes, Jakob Konrad, Stephan v/d Brink
Motion Tracking: Giso Spijkerman
Additional Concept Art: Marius Denisse & Remco Janssen
Matte Painting: Wieger Poutsma


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