Juli Demo12

I’d like to introduce you my 2012’s Reel with some of the featured works I’ve done
during last year.

More at: juli.im/

Intro: sound design by juli

1_Kids: Music by Aeed

00:09 Platano de canarias, Gold chupete Award 2012,
Art Direction, Postproduction, Postproduction Direction
00:14 Kaki Persimon, Animation
00:15 Sandia, Bouquet, Animation
00:26 Montatuconcierto, Art direction, Animation

2_Global: Music by Gramatik, Scratch by Dj.Kromik

00:30 Soledad Velez, Edition and Postproduction
00:42 Welcome to the global Village. Bronze Laus Award 2012 / Gold IDA Award 2012 , Edition & Motiongraphics
00:51 Freezco Personal project, Direction, Filmmaking, Motiongraphics
01:10 Les festes de l’infern Black Art Syndikat. Direction, Filmmaking, Motiongraphics

For any inquiries write to: acidvisuals@gmail.com


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