the Undoing of the Machine World

what is the fractal? Contrary to popular belief, fractals aren’t only for psychedelic entertainment, but can be used to build future machines as well. Fast forward 200 years into the future and witness how the fractal machine world undoes itself. music: fragments from “The Matrix Reloaded” by Don Davis stretched 400% Likes: 531 Viewed: 10494 […]

musicians with guns – overstepping artifacts

Musicians With Guns – Overstepping Artifacts LP (drone/ambient/eperimental/LoFi music) —> *** New fractal video for Art Zero label here : *** > / °°000 – #CLS > / °°010 – #LOAD /mwg/protocol/crawling through the amazing box -r -p -s -n > / °°022 – #RUN — > / °°143 – #ERR [00054d64-ba6c5411] ; […]

Our Fractal Brains

Poetic Fractals. I use fractals for developing skills – they are exercises in framing, composition, typography, color and style. music: “Reaching Land” by Patrick O’hearn rendered in Mandelbulb3D When we look at our world we search for patterns struggling to make sense of a senseless place Peace is found in chaos as we […]

Fractal Nature

With “Fractal Nature” I try to visualize the chaotic nature of reality. My everyday reality is the city of Amsterdam, which I captured using photogrammetry. I combined the result with the fractal formulas of Mandelbulb3D, trying to find a balance between recognition and chaos. It’s edited to the track “Modern Life” by Lisa Gerrard & […]

Could There Be Other Explanations?

Make your way through a fractal agnostic temple in glorious 3K. I tried to keep the post effects to a minimum to give you a pure mandelbulbilicious experience. Music: “Nomasi” by Osanno Likes: 1267 Viewed: 40400 source

Bladerunner inspired 3d fractal animated music video

Taking the spirit of Bladerunner and Ghost in the Shell off-world. Inspired by the works of Philip K. Dick, William Gibson, and Iain M Banks, Sonical’s composition, LockerX, from the new SuperCollisions EP, is an elegant amalgam of the Kurzweilian Singularity and non-Euclidean geometry. LockerX is beautifully brought to life with a striking three-dimensional animation […]