Dirt 3

This is the Marketing Trailer we produced at RealtimeUK for the new “DiRT 3” game from Codemasters.

The movie is one continuous piece of car physics, on one continuous camera.

It was a challenge producing an animatic that was hand animated and trying to conform physics to those cameras and timings. We ended up having to increase the timings on some sections and shorten them on others, as the car physics ran at different speeds to the animatic.

The other challenge was getting all of the environments to seamlessly match up using the same car pass and cameras.

The job was completed using 3dsmax and Vray, then composited in AfterFX.

On and off, it took about 6 Artists approximately 3months to complete.

I was the Lead Artist on the job. I produced some of the animatic, cleaned and animated the car physics (supplied by codemasters), and completed the lighting, compositing and rendering for the movie.



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