– Official trailer 2012

In 2010, Steffen Knoesgaard, Fredrik Ekholm and Simon Holmedal,
created the first ever moving imagery for the community art project
Gaia: The Gaia10 official trailer. Two years later the project has
changed from coordinated yearly releases, into an ongoing collab-
oration as the community run website

To mark the new direction of the community, curator Marius Bauer
returned to Steffen and Fredrik and commissioned an updated trailer.
Seeing this as an excellent opportunity to blow off some creative
steam, they conceptualized an idea to recreate the trailer based
on the original thoughts, but updated for 2012.

During the process designer/animator Linus Lundin – a long
time collaborator, joined the project as well as musician
and sound designer Jochen Mader.

Read more about the project at
Process and inspiration:


Design & direction
Fredrik Ekholm –
Steffen Knoesgaard –

Character design
Linus Lundin –

Production –

Sound design
Jochen Mader – Audionerve – curator
Marius Bauer –


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