ProjectSAM | Symphobia 2

ProjectSAM, an Utrecht based orchestral sample development company, asked us to create a trailer for their latest product, Symphobia 2. The samples of this product are designed for scoring films, video games and television shows in the horror and science fiction genre.

ProjectSAM provided us a short brief and a track. In order to create the trailer in a short period of time, we got together a team of six freelancers, all with a different skill set. The trailer is created in a quick turn around of six days.

Direction: Marvin Koppejan, Martijn Hogenkamp
Storyboard: Marvin Koppejan, Jeroen Peter
Edit/compositing/grading: Martijn Hogenkamp
Interface design/animation: Martijn Hogenkamp
3D (interior): Maxim Fleury
3D (exterior): Tim van der Wiel
Character animation: Maxim Fleury
Character & Ship Design: Jeroen Peter, Marvin Koppejan
Matte painting: Jeroen Peter, Marvin Koppejan
Actor: Marcel Vrieswijk aka The Face
Music: Project Sam
Sounddesign: Studio Takt
Client: Vincent Beijer (Project Sam)

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