Typomania Festival 2013

Alexey Frukta for Typomania Festival 2013
Video, motion and art direction.

Full project: bit.ly/11sgW0u

The typographic festival Typomania was held in Moscow for the second time supported by the British Higher School of Art & Design, Art Lebedev studio, Wacom, Adobe, paratype, shan design.

The international typography video festival Typomania is an annual type, typography, calligraphy and video feast, which for the second time will take place in Moscow on the 15-16 of June, 2013
The aim of the festival is to collect and connect as many type fans as possible and turn them in to a professional community. Moreover we see it as our goal to popularize the typography culture, be sensitive to traditions and support the most daring interesting experiments and projects.
The festival is focused on young, creative, energetic people – designers, illustrators, animators.

Thanks for the support Gleb Koksharov vimeo.com/idps, and Irina Kartushina vimeo.com/user7577084

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